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‘Return to Amish’ Season 6 Episode 4 Recap: April 12

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Last week on Return to Amish, Jeremiah confronted Matt about hooking up with Jethro. Ultimately, there was no resolution but Jethro said he did make mistakes in his past.

That’s why he went to rehab so he could rehabilitate his life. Sabrina confessed she shared the hookup rumor when she was high and had grown tired of Jethro always cheating on her. Rosanna and Maureen went with Ada on a cleaning job where they were set up with a client’s stepdaughter. She could not make it out but her friends took the girls to try sushi for the first time. Too bad Maureen’s main focus is always on Daniel. Jeremiah wants to get a DNA test for Dennis and Sabrina learns she needs a C-section.

Sabrina Freaks Out On Return to Amish While Rosanna and Maureen Adventure

It’s just too much for Sabrina to handle, thinking she is having a C-section so she starts to panic. She attempts to push her daughter out and it makes her shake. Then she is rushed to surgery and her baby girl arrives. They name her Skyler Miriam, the middle name after Jethro’s adoptive mother who passed away from cancer. It means so much to him that Sabrina would honor his mom in such a sweet way. They are blessed to be clean for two years now and to see how far they have come. She finally tells him how perfect he is.

Rosanna and Maureen decide to adventure out to a restaurant for breakfast. They order milk but there are so many options. Rosanna was freaked out by the waitress looking at her in the eye. If the Amish do that, it means they want to fight so she is choosing to avoid that. Maureen asks what the English girls would typically order so the waitress asks if they are from England. Once they say they are Amish, she puts two and two together.

She suggests avocado toast for Maureen and she is hopeful she won’t hate it. The topic of Daniel comes up and she says he is the guy she wants to date. Rosanna says she is so sick of hearing about him. Maureen tells her if she ever had a crush or got a boyfriend, she would be supportive like a sister. Rosanna says she does not want a boyfriend but she could get one if she wanted one. She goes on to claim she is not jealous but Maureen thinks she has a crush on Danny. Then she wonders if maybe Rosanna has a crush on her.

Return to Amish Credit: TLC
Credit: TLC

Bringing the Baby Home and Jeremiah’s Search For Answers

Everyone sat out back when Sabrina and Jethro brought Skyler home. They wanted to give them some family time. She is so grateful for her family and what she has right now. Sabrina wants to hold her son but has to be super careful. Speaking of careful, Jeremiah won’t get too close to Dennis until he has him take a DNA test. He was so betrayed by his biological mother that he cannot risk that with his father. Dennis is thrilled to see Jeremiah and Carmela again.

Jeremiah is so closed off because of his mother and being adopted but his dad said he wants to build a foundation. That’s when the DNA test comes up. Dennis completely understands but says he does not need one to know Jeremiah is his son. He will willingly do one no matter what so Jeremiah breaks it out. Jeremiah likes how calm and positive Dennis is. He believes this is the type of person he needs in his life and if his Amish parents were like that, he wouldn’t have left.

Sabrina Spills the Danny Beans On Return to Amish

Return to Amish Credit: TLC
Credit: TLC

Maureen opened up to Sabrina about the argument she and Rosanna had and the situation with Danny. Sabrina did not know it was a secret and apparently, she is known to not keep her mouth closed. This is apparent after the Matt/Jethro hookup spill. She goes outside to where Rosanna is sitting and asks her about exposing herself to Danny when the girls were driving down to Florida. This did happen when they stopped at the creek and made Maureen super uncomfortable. Rosanna knew her best friend’s feelings for Daniel and she did it anyway.

She vehemently denies this accusation and claims Maureen is just jealous. She calls her friend’s body insulting names but TLC has the footage of Rosanna lifting up her dress. Sabrina was wrong by saying Maureen said Rosanna got naked. She never did that. It was all about Rosanna exposing herself so she clears that up when it comes to a head. Rosanna believes she also told Ada about what happened but she only told Sabrina.

They were warned in the Amish community jealousy is a big problem and Maureen does not want it to ruin their friendship. Sabrina defends Maureen on this, saying how much she does love Rosanna and cares about their friendship. Rosanna is cursing up a storm and is convinced they think she is the bad girl. She starts yelling and swearing at Ada, telling her she’s guilty but Granny won’t have that.

Rosanna Loses It and The DNA Results

Return to Amish Credit: Jeremiah Raber Instagram
Credit: Jeremiah Raber Instagram

Ada is over Rosanna’s behavior. She has lost her marbles on everyone in the house and being that this is Ada’s home, she can say what she wants. Ada walks past a cursing Rosanna and, in their language, tells her she should wear deodorant because she smells. Maureen reminds her friend that God sees everything. She wants Rosanna to know she is liked by everyone but it is not getting through. Sabrina days she was trying to help but it only made things worse. She helps the girls work things out and they do their best to forgive.

The DNA results are in and Jeremiah wants to be with Dennis when he opens them. They sit and talk for a few with Dennis reassuring Jeremiah he will be there regardless of the results. It is time for Jeremiah to open his email and get the answer he’s been waiting for. After a few seconds, he throws his phone down. Carmela asks what’s wrong but it is clear.

Next week, Jeremiah feels like he does not know where he belongs anymore. Maureen and Rosanna go bathing suit shopping. Sabrina has stopped showing Jethro affection so he buys her flowers. She confesses she is tired of him talking to other girls. Don’t miss Return to Amish Monday night at 9 pm only on TLC.

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