Rachael Kirkconnell and Matt James via YouTube video

Reality Steve Reveals The Shocking Truth Behind Matt James & Rachael Kirkconnell

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The plot continues to thicken in Bachelor Nation. Reality Steve fell into exclusive information that discredited other news outlet stories. The stories all involved the recent New York meeting between Bachelor Matt James and Rachael Kirkconnell. The stories circulating are not true. The truth does not paint a pretty picture of Matt. So, what’s really going on between Matt and Rachael?

The truth behind Matt James and Rachael Kirkconnell

Reality Steve became involved with the situation on Tuesday. He went on Instagram Live to share the truth Friday afternoon. He has been in touch with someone in Rachael’s “camp.” Steve is clear to say it’s not her mother or her cousin. Many fans on Steve’s Instagram Live believe Rachael Kirkconnell is his source. However, that’s just speculation. Steve did not reveal a particular person. He has seen receipts and text messages that provide proof of his story. Steve says Matt’s “camp” is trying to cover anything that makes him look bad.

Here we go. Steve revealed that Matt James has been in contact with a woman named Grace in Florida. He was in Miami Sunday night with plans to fly back to New York Monday morning. He called Grace and asked her to drive to meet up with him. When she voiced not wanting to go to a party he suggested alone time. She ultimately declined his invite. Since this incident, Matt has unfollowed her on Instagram.

According to Steve, Matt bought Rachael a ticket to fly to New York to spend time with him. She arrived Tuesday and they were together until Thursday morning. When they were photographed together in New York it was not platonic. Steve says Matt has been telling Rachael since The Bachelor finale aired March 15 that he loves her. They have FaceTimed daily since the finale. He told her he wants to work on their relationship. She was in New York to see him and nothing else.

The plot thickens

According to Steve, Grace saw the photos of Matt and Rachael. She asked him if Rachael was with him. Matt called Grace while out picking up Sushi Wednesday night. He told her he was not with Rachael and she was not there.

Reality Steve let Rachael’s “camp” know about the situation with Grace. Rachael reportedly confronted Matt Thursday morning. He denied it saying Grace was nothing to him. Rachael was hurt and got her suitcase and left. This is when she spent time with the other women from her season. She wasn’t there to see them or anyone else. She was there to see Matt.

Thursday afternoon, Rachael spoke with Grace on the phone. They compared notes and basically figured out Matt has been playing them both.

Wow! Steve sarcastically applauded Matt for playing two women at the same time. Matt got caught with his pants down.

What do you think about this Friday afternoon tea?


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