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Robyn Brown Addresses Guilt & Jealousy In The Quarantine Dynamic

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Luckily for Sister Wives fans trying to get the latest scoop on their favorite reality television family, US Weekly Correspondent Christina Garibaldi regularly interviews Kody Brown and his wives. Unfortunately, the topic of conversation typically turns to the trials and tribulations that Kody and his first wife, Meri are going through. However, in her most recent interview, Robyn Brown looks back on the past year. Keep reading for more details.

What’s it like for Sister Wives Robyn Brown to rewatch this season’s episodes about quarantine

Garibaldi kicks off the interview by asking Sister Wives Robyn Brown what it’s been like watching this season back. Garibaldi even acknowledges that “it’s been a lot of  ups and downs.” Without hesitation, Robyn agrees with her. Robyn goes on to say that it is “hard to watch it back because it’s so real to us.” This mirrors the sentiment of what Christine Brown told Garibaldi in her interview. Christine says that she doesn’t like to watch the show because it’s reliving things that she doesn’t necessarily want to relive. Robyn says it’s tough to watch “because it’s our real lives” and it makes them “relieve that pain.”

Moving on from her first question, Garibaldi wants to know Robyn’s thoughts about what was going on at the beginning of quarantine. She also brings up the potential that Robyn was feeling guilty that Kody was spending so much time with her. Robyn confirms that she “felt bad.” She elaborates, “I chose this life for a reason. When things are out of whack, it bothers me. When things are not right, it bothers me.”

Does the third wife dodge some questions?

One that the wives of Sister Wives are particularly good at in interviews, is not speaking for the other members of their polygamous family. However, Garibaldi still asks Robyn if she thinks the other wives were jealous. Robyn says that none of them have ever “expressed that to [her].” Robyn also states, “I can’t really speak for them.” She does kind of skate around the question thought. Robyn says, “I’m sure that it was hard for them, but at the same time, they were making choices that they were comfortable with.”

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