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Myrka Cantu Reveals Mental Health Struggles

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Myrka Cantu admits to having mental health struggles. What’s going on with the TLC star?

Myrka Cantu is one of the most popular cast members from TLC’s Unexpected. The show follows teen parents as they navigate an unexpected pregnancy and parenthood. Many fans relate to Myrka Cantu’s story and shower her with support on social media. 

The reality TV star often holds question & answer sessions on Instagram Live. She recently got real and vulnerable with her followers about her mental health. What did she have to say? 

Myrka Cantu Admits Struggles With Mental Health 

Many women struggle with their mental health after giving birth. At just 15-years-old, Myrka Cantu got the shocking news that she was pregnant. The Cinemaholic reports that Myrka was a cheerleader at her high school before her unexpected pregnancy. Her baby daddy, Ethan Ybarra, was a football player. 

It’s been widely reported that Myrka’s mother kicked her out upon learning of the pregnancy. She found refuge with Ethan’s parents for a while, but it hasn’t been easy. 

During a recent Q&A, fans asked Myrka about her mental health. She categorized her mental health as “s**t” at the moment. In another answer, she opened up about her postpartum depression. She said that her depression is “winning” right now. 

Myrka also said she isn’t in a good place to give advice to her followers. 

Credit: Myrka Cantu/Instagram
Credit: Myrka Cantu/Instagram

Is She Getting Help? 

Of course her followers wanted to know if Myrka has found anything that helps her depression. She revealed that she’s in therapy but it doesn’t help all of the time. Sadly, she hasn’t found any recourse that truly helps yet. 

She has been open several times about not wanting more kids, at least right now. In an earlier Q&A, she spoke about being on birth control just in case. 

What Happened Between Myrka and Ethan’s Mom? 

Some of Myrka Cantu’s mental health issues might be from tensions within her family. While speaking out about her mental health, Myrka revealed a rift between her and Ethan’s mom, Michelle. 

She stopped short of giving details, implying the falling out will play out on-screen before Season 4 wraps up. And she will fill in the rest of the blanks after the Tell-All airs. 

While Myrka may not have Michelle’s support, it seems she has reconciled with her mom. If they were ever estranged. She wrote on her Instagram Stories that things aren’t what the way TLC portrays them. 

For that reason, she likely won’t return for another season of Unexpected. 

Do you relate to Myrka Cantu’s mental health struggles? Share your best tips for dealing with depression, including postpartum depression, in the comments down below. 

Unexpected airs Mondays on TLC. 

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