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‘The Little Couple’ 2021: Zoey Freaks Out Her Dad With Brain Food

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The Little Couple 2021 still never came with a renewal announcement but Zoey and Will feature in updates from the family on Instagram. All sorts of snippets of the kids come out and now it’s Zoey’s turn. She freaked out her dad, Bill Klein this week with her choice of brain food. Actually, he seems horrified. So, how did Zoey get such a strong reaction from Bill? What on earth did she choose on back-to-school-day?

The Little Couple 2021 – Fans miss Will and Zoey – why wasn’t the show renewed yet?

TLC fans really miss their favorite family, Dr. Jen, Bill, Will, and Zoey. For a long time now, people waited for the next season of the show. Fortunately, Dr. Jen keeps her fans up-to-date on what happens in their home. Recently, Bill became a bit more active on Instagram, so he also shares things. For example, fans now know that he flew to Houston recently. Because they weigh travel up carefully during the coronavirus, he only went there for business and not leisure. So from that, fans can deduce that they still own their Rocky and Maggies pet boutique in Highland Village.

Wondering if their cute little doggie Rocky still walks the planet? Well, yes he does and Will adores him. The Little Couple in 2021 still enjoys the cute little guy. Just the other day, Bill shared that Dr. Jen gave him a good wash. Mind you, we know from Bill’s post that she won’t clean Rocky’s “anal glands.” Not that fans really needed to know that, but it gives an insight into the family. As fans wonder why the show never got renewed this year, several outlets looked into it. The Sun UK, like many others, surmise that it’s because of the pandemic.

‘The Little Couple’ Doctor Jen Doesn’t Do Smelly Anal Glands

Dr. Jen suffered from cancer at one stage, so she probably sits in the high-risk category. Therefore, fans can only wait patiently for things to change.

Zoey freaks out her dad with brain food choices

The Little Couple family celebrated Easter 2021 with an egg hunt in their yard and clearly, Zoey enjoyed that very much. Now it’s time for back-to-school and Bill shared what his daughter chose for brain food. In his caption, he said, “as an old school nyer, I would normally not allow this to occur under my roof.” What on earth could she have chosen? Well, it turns out she chose a bagel. Mind you, her topping seems unusual as even Redditors discussed it a few years ago.

Revealing back-to-school choices by Zoey of The Little Couple, 2021, she went for an Everything Bagel with strawberry cream cheese on it. Lots of fans laughed, and some people just put up “vomit” emojis. When those not wise in the ways of bagels wondered what the problem was, some fans explained. A lot of people can’t stomach the thought of sweetish topping on “poppy seeds, onion flakes, garlic,” and more.

The Little Couple 2021 Zoey Freaks Out Her Dad With Brain Food
Credit: Bill Klein | Instagram

As you can see from the photo above, Zoey certainty didn’t mind it at all. Remember, check back with us often for more news and updates about The Little Couple, 2021.

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  1. I also would love to see the little couple to come back on. There such a nice normal family , which is not shown anymore. I do wish them to come back please….Thank you….oh least not forget there children are adorable.

  2. The Little Couple is such a good wholesome show. I wish all parents were like Bill and Jen, calm, firm and positive. It always makes me feel good to watch their life! Please come back soon!

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