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‘Teen Mom Young And Pregnant’ Bumped Back – Critics Want It Off MTV

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Teen Mom Young and Pregnant only has two seasons so far. The last time fans saw the MTV show was back in February 2020. Actually, a lot of people suspected a 3rd season might not happen as the abysmal ratings didn’t warrant more of it. Now it’s been bumped back in 2021, and some fans believe it should just end. After all, Teen Mom 2 and Teen Mom OG deliver more interest. Additionally, some people feel that the whole subject of young moms is done to death and no longer of current interest.

Teen Mom Young and Pregnant bumped back until August

Season 3 of the show, due for airing in May became delayed, according to Kayla Sessler. Recall, the last episode of Season 2 revealed Kayla and Luke all excited about Izaiah’s second birthday. Meanwhile,  Kiaya battled as she ended up single. Ashley and Bar had a go at each other, and Briana wondered about her ex who hoped for a hook-up. Furthermore, Rachel Beaver took to social media and literally begged fans to vote for a new season and a reunion. Probably the most controversial character, a lot of MTV fans gave her idea a thumbs-down.

Teen Mom Young and Pregnant star, Ashley Jones, last seen taking Holly to Los Angeles, moved up the MTV ladder and features in TM 2. US Weekly noted her appearance in the trailer for Season 11 which premieres on May 4. So, it looks like she’s the chosen one who replaces Chelsea Houska. Recall, she quit the show at the end of Season 10. Kayla Sessler told her fans about Young being pushed back until August. Sounding really grumpy, some fans thought she probably feels jealous of Ashley.

Kayla Sessler throws shade at MTV

On April 7, Teen Mom Young and Pregnant star Kayla beefed about how their show takes a back seat with MTV. Well, in comparison to the more established shows. @teenmom.tea shared her post on their Instagram. She claimed that the network treats the cast in TM and OG way better. Next, she blamed the poor ratings for that. As Starcasm pointed out, the ratings for the first season seemed okay. However, “The Season 2 finale brought in just 470,000 viewers.” Additionally, Kayla suggested that she thought her Season 3 appearance probably brings her best ever. Well, most fans seemed surprised that the show even got a renewal. Actually, few of them seemed particularly excited about it.

Teen Mom Young and Pregnant still attracts some fans. However, a lot of critics just feel sick and tired of the whole “teens making bad decisions” thing. In the comments, one critic noted, “All these shows need to be over. Ppl got the msg about teen pregnancy. These kids gettin older & seein all this bs fake drama play out on tv, gettin recognized in public. End the franchise, (sic).”

Not alone, other people agreed. Comments of a similar nature also included: “This show shouldn’t even be still going. Oh the world we live in!”

Teen Mom Young And Pregnant Bumped Back - Critics Want It Off MTV
Credit: Kayla via Teen Mom Tea | Instagram

What are your thoughts on Teen Mom Young and Pregnant out coming in August instead of May? Do you think MTV should just can the show? Sound off in the comments bloew.

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