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Spoilers For ‘General Hospital’: Cyrus Schemes & Nik’s Under Pressure

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Nikolas is in a tough spot, and General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday reveal there’s more trouble to come. Cyrus is desperate to get his mother Florence back in his care. Other plans to make that happen haven’t worked, so he laid out a new strategy as he faced off with Laura and Nikolas. Will his latest plan be successful?

Cyrus Threatens To Target Alexis

During Tuesday’s episode of General Hospital, Cyrus told Nikolas that he could ensure Alexis’ time at Pentonville went smoothly. However, he’d only do that if he got something significant in return. He wants Florence returned and he wants Nikolas to make it happen.

As General Hospital viewers know, this is quite the low blow and a sign of desperation on Cyrus’ part. Nikolas had no involvement whatsoever in Florence being snatched from her care facility. It’s not up to him to have her returned, although he’s connected to people who could make it happen.

It’s also perhaps a sign of desperation that Cyrus is now banking on using Alexis to bring his mother home. Alexis is Nikolas’ aunt, so he does have a vested interest in seeing her kept safe. Cyrus definitely has the resources to make life very difficult for her at Pentonville should he choose.

Nikolas Will Do His Best

According to the General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps, Nikolas will try to manage this impossible situation. After the confrontation with Cyrus, Laura tore into Nikolas for even considering the possibility of cooperating with the mobster. However, it seems that Nik may feel as if he has no other choice.

Apparently, Nikolas will put it all out there in dealing with Cyrus. The General Hospital Twitter sneak peek suggests that perhaps Cyrus and Nik will meet up at the Metro Court to discuss this. Cyrus was shown there talking to someone across the table, suggesting that they see what they can do for one another.

‘General Hospital’ Teasers Hint This Will Tie To Ava Soon

Ava is facing struggles of her own as her husband deals with Cyrus. She got a fake hand in a package along with a note signaling that it came from Ryan. However, General Hospital spoilers signal that there’s likely someone else behind this. Nik and Ava have some difficult decisions to make regarding all of this.

Could Cyrus be orchestrating this situation with Ava? He did make a creepy hand reference while talking with Nik and Laura, after all. In addition, he has intervened in Ryan-related issues before. Some General Hospital fans expect it’s perhaps Spencer sending these items as a way to split his dad from Ava. However, Cyrus is one to keep an eye on here as well as these two storylines forge forward and potentially intersect.

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