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‘My 600-LB Life’ Melissa Morris: Where Is She Now?

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My 600-LB Life Melissa Morris starred in the first season of the TLC show. Over the years Dr. Now met with some incredible success and some very very disappointing failures. Fortunately, Melissa fell into the success category. Catching up with those who overcame their morbid obesity always seems like fun. After all, tragically, some of the TLC stars passed away. Or, they met with regression, depression, and disappointment.

My 600-LB Life Melissa Morris rates as a Dr. Now success

Much like Gina Krasley, Melissa overcame her obstacles and challenges. We reported that Gina featured in Season 8 of the show, and she seemed unable to break her food addiction. Similar to Melissa, she also experienced family members who enabled her.  The problem that obese people face is that very often, they can’t get out of bed and prepare their own meals. So, if they demand giant snacks and family members whistle them up, that definitely doesn’t help them. While Gina never slimmed down enough to raise eyebrows, we rated her as a success. After all, she lost a lot of weight and takes care of herself these days.

However, when it comes to success stories, My 600-LB Life Melissa Morris takes the cake, so to speak. Weighing in at 653 pounds, Melissa’s husband  Chris enabled her with overeating. Actually one of the saddest things about that meant she saw her dream of being a mom slipping away. Determined to lose weight and regain her life, she took Dr. Now seriously. IMDb reminds fans her weight-loss journey took seven years. However,  following her gastric surgery, she was down to 157 pounds.

Where is Melissa now, did she struggle after achieving her target? revealed that while My 600-Lb Life star Melissa did so well when she finally gave birth to her second child she put back on 100 pounds. Depression set in for a bit, but she went on and birthed a third child. Fighting back against her weight gain, Melissa suffered a personal tragedy when she caught her husband Chris cheating. Divorced, she still sees him and in fact, she thanked him for helping her catch up with her dad in 2018. Other news from 2019 revealed that she took a job working in Dr. Now’s office!

My 600-LB Life Melissa Morris where is she now
Credit: Melissa Morris | Instagram

in 2020, My 600-LB Life star Melissa shared in a post that she worked in a hospital. So, she seemed very happy to report that she passed her COVID-19 test. Then in January 2021, Melissa celebrated the 15th anniversary of her surgery by Dr. Now. In a post from just after Easter, Melissa shared about Chris again. In her caption, she noted, “Today was a big day in our family. Allona got Baptized it was her decision.” She mentioned that Chris came over and he also opted for a baptism. She added, “We are working hard to raise Our kids even if we couldn’t figure out our relationship we have figured out how to be friends and raise our children together.”

My 600-LB Life Melissa Morris Mentions Chris
Credit: Melissa Morris | Instagram

What are your thoughts about My 600-LB Life star Melissa Morris? Do you agree that she seems to be doing everything right? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Jean Duty, one of of Melissa’s goals was to have children and she achieved that goal. Another of her goals was to get a job and she met that goal, too. How sad your attitude is.

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