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Is ‘Bachelor’ Matt James Trying To Salvage Relationship With Rachael Kirkconnell?

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As if things couldn’t get weirder in Bachelor Nation this year, the plot continues to thicken. After not even being able to hug Rachael Kirkconnell goodbye, rumors are flying about Matt James and his final rose winner. Are these two possibly trying to work things out? Do they want to rekindle their romance? Keep reading to find out what’s happening with Matt and Rachael.

Is Matt James working on things with Rachael Kirkconnell?

Spoiler guru Reality Steve shared new information tonight about Matt James and Rachael Kirkconnell. According to Steve’s tweet, things may not be over between these two. Steve said, “It’s been a while but here’s some news: Matt and Rachael? Yeah, they’re not over. They’re currently in New York together. FYI.”

Big news considering recently Matt said he wouldn’t be dating. People shared that Matt decided to focus on himself. However, that wasn’t said without noting that nobody’s irredeemable. He also said, “And, I think that for Rachael, there’s a lot that we didn’t discuss that we probably should’ve talked about. I probably should’ve asked more clarifying questions. And I’m giving her that space to do that.” Perhaps if Steve is right they are working on talking things through.

Matt’s response to seeing Rachael’s racist photos

Matt said he learned of the photos just like everyone else did, on social media. He said, “The tough thing is having to explain to America why those pictures are problematic to me.” He continued, “You hear people harping on forgiveness and I forgave her when she told me. That doesn’t mean I’m not disappointed and that I don’t want her to do better.”

Just after Matt’s season wrapped, he said, “You want to believe that you know your person better than anybody else knows your person,” Matt said. He continued, “…You hear things that are heartbreaking and you just pray they’re not true. And then when you find out that they are, it just makes you question everything.”

What does the future hold for Matt and Rachael?

Right now, nobody knows what the future holds for Matt and Rachael. However, it looks like positive progress is being made. Perhaps Reality Steve will share more details or photos soon. He’s usually not wrong so chances are Matt is really with Rachael in New York.

What do you think about a possible reconciliation between The Bachelor and Rachael Kirkconnell? Do you hope they are back together?

Stay tuned for more updates.

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