seeking sister wife stars spiritual but not religious

‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Stars Are Spiritual, Not Necessarily Religious

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Most Seeking Sister Wife stars are engaing in polyamory because they believe it’s in line with their religion. However, the Snowden’s have said that’s not the driving factor behind their desire to add another woman to their marriage.

That doesn’t mean that Dimitri and Ashley aren’t spiritual at all. There just doesn’t appear to be a specific religious reason for their relationships.

According to Distractify, at least one of the reasons the pair are looking at polyamory is to educate their children on what it’s all about.

Dimitri and Ashley are lauded by some what is seen as a “progressive” relationship. While they consider themselves married to each other, they are not legally a couple.

Despite this, the fact that they insist on home-schooling their three children and stick to very strict diets has some wondering if there isn’t religion behind it. Both had at least some religion in their upbringing, but there isn’t anything specifically driving them in that regard.

“My father was born in Havana, Cuba and his religion was Catholicism,” Dimitri once explained on his podcast. “Always said grace before dinner, we didn’t go to church, we didn’t read the Bible, we didn’t do any of that stuff.”

He also once divulged that he was baptized. However, that didn’t cement his religiosity. He is not the only one of the Seeking Sister Wife stars that is spiritual but not religious. Ashley is similar in that regard.

Seeking Sister Wife Stars Not Shut Off From God

Dimitri said part of the reason he never really practiced religion is that he wanted to be able to speak in tongues. He said he got it down about 50 percent of the time. Then he sort of gave up.

Ashley is quick to point out that while she doesn’t identify with one church, she feels plenty spiritual and religious.

“I’m not shut off from God. I’m very much in alignment. I don’t pray for things. I give thanks.” She also gives thanks to her ancestors, “because I know, without them, we would not be sitting right here,” Ashley once said.

Phases Line Up

Speaking to Dimitri during one interview, Ashley said one of the reasons their relationship still works is because the Seeking Sister Wife stars are “in alignment.”

“You and I have been through so many different phases of our own spiritual [world],” Ashley told her long time partner.

“We went through our respective individual journeys with spirituality and religion,” Dimitri responded. “We became a family and then we still both had this [respective] yearning for [our] community. With that, we thought that again joining a larger community of like minds would help us and so when we came together we knew from Day 0 that we had this perspective around the family unit.”

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