Seeking Sister Wife' What's Brandy Been Up To

‘Seeking Sister Wife:’ What’s Brandy Been Up To Since Leaving

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The last time that Seeking Sister Wife star Brandy was on the show, she was helping to shed some light on the problems these families face. While some people believe polygamous relationships are nothing but fun and frolic, there are often complications that often mean these families don’t have it easy.

Bernie and Paige McGee wanted to welcome Brandy into their family. Once she arrived, however, the couple realized they badly needed to reevaluate their marriage. In the end, the entire family ended up leaving Seeking Sister Wife after Season 2. So what happened to Brandy?

Seeking Sister Wife Star Moves Away From Poligamy

Brandy appears to be someone who lives out loud. She’s regularly on social media. She often answers questions from followers when she’s using those sites.

Over the last year, several pictures of a “mystery man” started popping up on her timeline. Many feel he might be her new partner.

All the way back in 2019, she answered questions about what she’s looking for in a relationship. In particular, fans wanted to know whether should be seeking a sister wife anytime soon.

“I don’t see that for my future. I’ve got a pretty wonderful guy,” she told one fan who asked her outright.

The question is whether or not she’s still dating that man. While she’s not afraid to post pictures and updates, Brandy is guarded about her actual romantic life. There were plenty of questions about this man. None of them were really answered.

The only thing that is clear when it comes to that part of her life, is that she’s not with the McGees anymore.

Not For Her

When it comes to the former Seeking Sister Wife stars things took a turn towards the negative quickly. Bernie and Paige set out on a search for someone to join their family once they realized Paige couldn’t have any more kids.

Brandy was the first woman they both had an instant connection with after meeting her. The problem was that the couple wasn’t really cut out for polygamy. Indeed, Paige in particular didn’t like it.

She often had a problem with Bernie going on solo dates with Brandy.

Things got worse when Bernie hid what went down between he and Brandy. Distractify pointed out that at one point he got a love bite. Paige was quite a bit less than happy about that sort of thing.

Life After

Things didn’t go well for the McGees after Seeking Sister Wife either. In 2019, Bernie suffered heat stroke and a heart attack. He died the same day.

As for what Brandy has been up to, other than having a new man in her life, there isn’t a ton known about what she’s been doing. Romantically at least, she seems much happier going the monogamous way.

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