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‘Shameless’ Season 11 Finale: Will A Death Bring Fiona Gallagher Back?

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Fans have been asking if Fiona Gallagher (Emmy Rossum) would return for the Shameless Season 11 Finale. Emmy’s character had been an anchor for the series since the pilot episode. Fans were devastated when she walked away from the show. Some argued the series really lost its sparkle when she left. Others, however, felt the character was at a logical place to exit the storyline. That being said, the series is ending.

The finale is happening next week. Will Fiona Gallagher return so fans can enjoy seeing her one last time? We aren’t really sure. It goes without saying the series would have to set things up right to give Emmy Rossum’s character a reason to return to the storyline.

Shameless Season Finale: Could Death Bring Fiona Gallagher Back?

Fiona Gallagher moved away from her family to start her own life. Most agree this made sense in the storyline. Even if it was a sad moment for fans. But, those who really know their facts about the show know Fiona also left the Shameless UK version of the series. The character, however, came back for the Season Finale. A special treat for fans. Could we be offered the same gift in the U.S. version of the series?

As our Season 11, Episode 11 recap and spoilers reveal, Frank Gallagher might be dead. Tonight’s episode ends with him shooting up a whole lot of drugs and leaving what we assume is a goodbye letter for his family.

Fans assume the Season Finale will kick off with someone in the Gallagher family finding Frank. Whether or not he’s already dead remains to be seen. That being said, a death in the Gallagher family would certainly be an ideal set up for bringing Emmy Rossum’s character back into the show for a final farewell.

John Wells Wants Emmy Rossum In The ‘Shameless’ Series Finale

Showrunner John Wells has made it very clear he wanted Emmy Rossum to come back any time she felt like. Moreover, he hoped Fiona Gallagher would come back for the series finale. But, whether she did really came down to her schedule. The team was ready and willing to work her into the finale. If her schedule allows.

A Funeral Would Bring The Family Together

The family feels pretty disconnected right now. Lip Gallagher says he and Tami will take Liam in. But, Lip seems like he’s spiraling. It feels as though he can barely take care of himself. How will he take care of Liam, his son, and Tami? Perhaps Fiona could come in to save the day one last time. The family seems as though they could use the glue that Fiona once was for them.

‘Shameless’ Season 11, Episode 11: Wait, Is Frank Gallagher Dead?

Is death and a funeral going to bring Fiona Gallagher back for the Shameless Season 11 Finale? Is Frank Gallagher going to die? Share your thoughts with us.

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