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Candace Cameron Bure Shows Off Her Tone Legs & Polished Toes

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Candace Cameron Bure showed off her gams again on social media. The Hallmark Channel star took some to relax and soak up the sun. This comes just a few months after she revealed her “perfect” feet and never-ending legs on social media. Followers were surprised to see how the actress reads in bed.

Though she’s a staunch Christian, she still shows off her incredible body on social media. Why shouldn’t she show off the results? Candace has been hard at work with her personal trainer Kira Stokes for many years. She had a renewed interest in fitness and health after she competed on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars.

Candace Cameron Bure shares a photo of her “pale” legs

On Saturday, April 3, Candace Cameron Bure took to her Instagram Stories to show off her lean pins once again. She snapped a photo of her lean and muscular legs as she relaxed by the pool. In the post, she wrote: “So happy to be sitting still. Resting. Enjoying the sunshine.” Then, she added: “I need a tan.”

The star didn’t look like she needed a tan. Her skin looked as beautiful as ever. In the photo, Candace also showed off her toes, which wore white nail polish. It’s likely that she was also wearing one of her favorite bikinis near the pool.

[Credit: Candace Cameron Bure/Instagram Stories]
[Credit: Candace Cameron Bure/Instagram Stories]
Last month, she showed a photo of herself wearing a lime bikini. On Tuesday, March 2, the Fuller House star dropped a series of sizzling bikini photos. In one of them, the former The View co-host wore a bright lime green bikini. Candace also showed off her other favorite bikinis in the post, even though some of her followers thought she looked “too perfect.”

How she tones her legs and abs

Back in 2019, Candace Cameron Bure revealed that the resistance band helps tone her legs and her abs. In a video posted to Instagram at the time, the Aurora Teagarden star showed off her incredible physique as she shared her workout secret. The 44-year-old did clamshell leg lifts and a side plank all while using resistance bands. Candace works out with her personal trainer three to four times a week.

“I really want @garyjac to do abs and glutes with me on this gorgeous Sunday afternoon,” she wrote in the caption. “I don’t think that’s gonna happen @kirastokefit 🤣🍑 – More workout vids on my story and highlights!”

Candace’s workout videos were intense. She’s been working alongside Kira Stokes for about five years now. Candace revealed that Kira gave her a “unique combination of functional movements, resistance training, and cardiovascular conditioning, using free weights, body weights, gliders, and portable equipment like jump rope, resistance bands, BOSU, and weighted balls.”

The Fuller House star recently shared her fitness secrets

In February, Candace Cameron Bure gave her fans a look into her fitness routine. In a video posted to Instagram, she admitted that she “never enjoyed fitness” until she entered her 30s. Now, she’s dedicated to her regular workouts. Candace keeps herself accountable by sharing what workouts she does from Kira Stokes’ app.

While a regular workout routine is important, Candace would rather just move her body. She also makes sleep an important part of her daily routine. The Full House alum makes sure to get 8 to 9 hours of sleep each night. But, Candace informed her followers that when it comes to diet and exercise, everyone is different. What she does, may not work for someone else.

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