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‘The Little Couple’ Doctor Jen Doesn’t Do Smelly Anal Glands

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The Little Couple Doctor Jen Arnold holds a rather good position with the prestigious and world-renowned John Hopkins Hospital. These days, Zoey and Will’s mom works as the medical director for the Center for Medical Simulation. That job doesn’t sound too down and dirty. However, like every doctor, she started off studying, did her residence, and more. Along the way, young doctors see loads of gross things. Could that be why Jen won’t do smelly anal glands?

The Little Couple Doctor Jen Arnold ends up the butt end of a joke

Bill Klein, Jen’s husband seems the quietest in the family on TLC. Fans enjoy him as he always seems focused on the kids and his wife’s health. However, sometimes, he makes them laugh as he drops the occasional one-liner that gets the chuckles going. In fact, the rather easy-going husband and dad often seems hilarious and he’s prone to teasing his wife on his social media from time to time. Actually, it’s rather nice that he maintained his sense of humor. After all, at college, he struggled a bit with bullying because of his skeletal dysplasia.

Ahead of Easter, The Little Couple Doctor Jen stayed home when Bill Klein flew to Houston, Texas. At the time, he seemed excited as he last visited his old town over a year ago. In his hashtags, he told his fans that we flew on a business trip. If you didn’t know, he and Jen still own Rocky and Maggies, their pet supply and grooming store in Houston. Anyway, when he returned home, his wife became the butt end of his joke. His joke certainly made his TLC fans laugh out loud.

Nope – Bill’s wife draws the line at smelly anal glands

Taking to his Instagram on Friday, The Little Couple star, Doctor Jen got a mention by Bill. He shared a photo of their little doggie Rocky (of Rocky and Maggies’ fame). The miserable-looking pup stood under the taps in the sink. Meanwhile, Jen gave him a good lather. In his caption, he mentioned that he arrived back from Houston. There, he discovered Jen smartening up their now-famous doggie. Poking fun at his wife, he said, “unfortunately, this groomer already has a day job (and she doesn’t do anal glands – joke resisted!).”

If you’re not sure why he spoke about dog groomers and anal glands, it’s a downside to the job. Obviously, The Little Couple Doctor Jen is familiar with what it entails. The Pet Spa website talks about how often, cleaning the anal glands of pets, becomes a routine part of the job. Physically, groomers squeeze out the smelly stuff in there. After all, dogs can’t always clean there efficiently. Stinky, smelling to high heaven, it’s not the most popular job in the pet care industry. So, it’s no surprise that Jen avoids doing that.

Retirement planning part of the joke?

The Little Couple Doctor Jen might also feature Bill Klein’s joke in the hashtags. He used, “#doglife” and  “#retirementplanning.” Fans might think that perhaps the couple plans their retirement soon. If so, his top applicant for the step-down job just failed. Or, perhaps they plan on scaling down and sell off the pet business. Many fans giggled at the joke about doctor Jen and anal glands. One of them noted, “Lol, I don’t do that either!😱🤣.” And another one said, “Omg I laughed too hard 😂😂.”

The Little Couple Doctor Jen Doesn't Do Smelly Anal Glands
Credit: Bill Klein | Instagram

What do you think about The Little Couple Doctor Jen Arnold who doesn’t do anal glands? Did it make you giggle? Sound off in the comments below.

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