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‘Temptation Island’: Are Chelsea And Thomas Still Together?

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Temptation Island couple Chelsea Brea and Thomas Gipson have an interesting relationship. Like most couples, they went on the show to test their relationship. Chelsea admitted her insecurities and fears. She doesn’t like it when Thomas flirts with other women.

She also made some other shocking revelations like they don’t kiss as much as she would like. On Tuesday night’s episode, Thomas was the one who was feeling insecure about their relationship. He realized that Chelsea could be projecting her own fears onto him. At the bonfire, he saw a clip of her getting cozy with Dr. Blake Eyres.

As fans know, most couples don’t last on this show, even if they promise to stay together. Now, they want to know the status of Chelsea and Thomas.

Temptation Island couple gets cozy with other people

Chelsea made it clear that she didn’t like Thomas’s flirty behavior. She thought it was disrespectful that he would flirt with other women while he was committed to her. Temptation Island fans think the couple is just a reflection of one another. They noticed that both Thomas and Chelsea have taken interest in the singles on the show.

As previously mentioned, Chelsea got cozy with Dr. Blake. Meanwhile, Thomas got cozy with Sophia Perez, who he feels is more his type. Now that the shoe is on the other foot, Thomas doesn’t like seeing Chelsea move on with someone else. On Tuesday night’s episode was the infamous message in a box.

Thomas left a 30-second message, saying that he still wants to be with Chelsea. He was shocked when she didn’t mention “love” in her message. Instead, she got right down to business. She even called him by his full name, rather than his nickname. Thomas found himself lost and confused once again.

Does that mean that Thomas will continue to get cozy with Sophia? Or, will he try to win over Chelsea’s heart during the season finale? As for Chelsea, will she continue to pursue things with Dr. Blake? How far will things go between them? Fans already witnessed their first kiss during last night’s episode.

Are Chelsea and Thomas still together?

Currently, things are not looking good for this Temptation Island couple. Both of them appear hurt by each other’s actions. It has fans wondering if the couple will make it out of the island alive, or if their relationship has taken a beating. Their relationship might still be on the rocks if their social media is anything to go by.

Several weeks ago, both Thomas and Chelsea announced their appearance on Temptation Island Season 3. on their respective Instagram pages. At the time, most of their friends were shocked but happy to see their journey unfold on television. Some even congratulated them and asked when they’re getting engaged. Others suggested that they should get married and have children, to which Chelsea agreed.

Since then, Chelsea and Thomas have kept mum on their relationship. On her Instagram page, Chelsea says she’s an actress and model, which is why she might look familiar to some. For the most part, she shares photos from editorial shoots and outtakes from Temptation Island.

Earlier this month, Thomas shared a photo of himself with another woman. The mystery woman turned out to be actress Michelle Money. If his name sounds familiar, that’s because Thomas is an actor as well as a model. He revealed that he worked on the set of the Amazon Prime film By Any Means with the starlet.

Of course, they may not be able to say anything because of the clauses they signed when they joined the show. To find out the current status of Thomas and Chelsea’s relationship, fans will have to continue watching the show to see what happens.

Temptation Island Season 3 airs Tuesday nights at 10 p.m. ET on USA Network.

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