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‘Sister Wives:’ Is Sobbyn Robyn Rubbing Off On Kody Brown?

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Fans wonder if sobbyn Robyn Brown is rubbing off on her husband Kody. Is she making him more emotional?

Life is difficult right now on Sister Wives due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The family isn’t able to see each other so much and this includes Mariah and Audrey’s visit. In the latest episode, Meri Brown realizes she hasn’t told anyone about their visit, not even Kody. After watching the episode himself, Kody Brown reacts on Twitter, saying that not seeing his daughter and her partner almost brought him to tears.

Sister Wives and Mariah and Audrey

In the latest episode, Meri goes to collect her mom, Bonnie. Mariah, and Audrey will be looking after the bed & breakfast in her absence. However, Meri suddenly realizes she never told anyone in the family about Mariah and Audrey’s visit. She only communicates with Kody these days if she really has to and left home out of this news.

Meri and the family on Sister Wives
Meri and the family on Sister Wives [Image @therealmeribrown/Instagram]
Kody hasn’t been with Meri for quite some time and hasn’t seen anything of Mariah and Audrey. Meanwhile, Meri wants to talk to him, so he is on his way over to her house. Kody is excited to finally see his daughter and her fiancée, however, this is not to be.  When he sits down, he asks where Mariah is and Meri explained that her mom is there and the girls are running the bed & breakfast.

Kody is naturally upset that he missed seeing Mariah and Audrey. He wants to know why they didn’t close the bed & breakfast. He believes it doesn’t make enough money right now to make it worthwhile keeping it open. During Kody’s visit, Robyn interrupts by calling him, taking his attention away from the moment.

Kody Brown reacts to not seeing Mariah and Audrey

Kody is obviously unhappy during the Sister Wives episode and takes to Twitter on March 29 after viewing it himself. He tweets, “I’m watching this scene and as I am Tweeting it I am feeling like crying that I didn’t get to see Audrey and Mariah.” Kody continued, writing, “It was sad to me. Makes me sad right now.”

Fans quickly responded to his message, with many showing Kody their support. One fan wrote, “It seemed as tho Meri got enjoyment out of you not seeing them (my opinion from what I saw).”

They continued, writing maybe they were wrong but what would have been the harm in sending you a text they were leaving?  “That scene came off as mean.” Another Twitter user commented on the fact that “Robyn HAD to call” while he was at Meri’s, saying it was “bullsh*t.”

However, others weren’t so supportive of Kody and criticized him. One wrote, “What does it at about you that you have so little communication with your daughter that you didn’t know her plans for weeks?”

However, the fan did admit that Meri was in the wrong for not telling Kody. However, they said “communication is a two-way street,” adding that he should be talking to his daughter.

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