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‘When Calls the Heart’ Sneak Peek Shows That Nathan Is Not Giving Up!

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Hearties who are on #TeamNathan, are you stressing out over Elizabeth and Lucas’ date? You may not want to give up hope just yet. In the upcoming episode of When Calls the Heart, entitled “No Regrets,” Nathan may be determined to win over Elizabeth.

What does the exclusive preview show? Moreover, is the love triangle still unresolved?

New When Calls The Heart Preview Shows Nathan Ready To Fight For Elizabeth

In a new When Calls The Heart ET Online previewwe see Nathan and Carson talking to each other. While Carson is watching Faith talk to Mollie, and Nathan watching Elizabeth smile and meet up with Lucas in the near distance, the two single gents muse about why they stop doing new things. Each man is trying to figure out if they have a chance with their perspective lady loves.

Carson asks, “Why do we stop doing new things?” Nathan responds, “I don’t know. Probably give up when things don’t go our way the first time.”

Carson has thought about this a bit longer. His response? “Staying where we’re comfortable.” Should he try this new fellowship? Is he stretching himself to go further in his career?

Nathan has his own perspective. “Staying with someone you’re comfortable with.” Is Elizabeth now with Lucas because she is more comfortable with him?

Carson seems to cut into Nathan’s thoughts as he states, “There’s plenty of new experiences to be enjoyed.”

As if awakened from a haze, Nathan now seems more awake. “More meaningful relationships.” He then seems determined as he adds, “She’s got to know me. It’s as simple as that.”

Carson seems resolved too. “She needs to trust me.” He then adds, “Be willing to try. Easy as pie.”

Finally, both men have made up their minds. Moreover, both men declare, “I’m not giving up.”

In When Calls The Heart The Rain May Help One Romance Blossom

In the latest When Calls The Heart Season 8 episode preview for “No Regrets,” we see Allie invite Elizabeth to ride with her and Nathan. Does the school teacher take them up on their offer? We also see Lucas and Elizabeth go on a nice little romantic picnic.

However, a downpour of rain sends them to his car. This is quite a cozy little situation. Will Lucas and Elizabeth kiss? The preview certainly shows that. The only issue is that Elizabeth has not fully let go of Jack. Does Rosemary have some advice that will allow her to move on with her life and open her heart again?

When Can You Catch the Latest Episode?

Be sure to catch the premiere of the latest episode of When Calls The Heart, called “No Regrets,” on Sunday, March 28, at 9 p.m. Eastern.

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