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‘Little People Big World’ Jeremy Roloff Shares His ‘Responses Matter’

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Little People Big World Jeremy Roloff takes to Instagram to share some fatherly knowledge. In order to share his point, Jeremy Roloff shares an adorable photo of his daughter, Ember, 3. Keep reading to find out more about Jeremy’s fatherly revelations.

Jeremy Roloff shares a touching moment with daughter, Ember

Jeremy Roloff recently shares a photo of sweet Ember with a goat. While the photo is adorable, the caption is also heartwarming. Jeremy shares a touching update about what is going on with Ember. “Ember has begun wondering and asking ‘why’ to about everything,” shares the doting father. He goes on to explain Ember’s process. “Nothing comes out of my mouth without a prompt response of ‘why daddy’,” Jeremy shares. This caption goes to show how persistent Ember is. “Followed by several more ‘whys’ as I try to keep up with my answers. Haha. I love it,” shares Jeremy.


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Fans take to the comments to share their parenting experiences. Others share some parenting advice. One fan writes some heartfelt words in the comment section. “Kids at this age are like little sponges. I love it! they take in everything like a new adventure. There’s nothing better than spending time outside with little ones,” writes the fan.

Another fan gives an interesting take on the situation that Little People Big World Jeremy Roloff shares with his Instagram followers. One fan writes, “Something to get her brain thinking… respond ‘why do YOU think Ember?'”

LPBW star is doing great as a father

However, while scrolling through Jeremy’s Instagram, it is pretty apparent that he is doing just fine as a father. Another recent photo shows him with his son, Bode at a waterfall. While the toddler is unamused by the beautiful scenery around him, it doesn’t stop this doting father from capturing the moment. “Bodes first waterfall and he was so shocked he forgot to smile,” writes Jeremy Roloff.


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It’s comforting to see that this young family has a lot of support. Interestingly enough, a comment on a photo of Ember has fans wondering if Roloff knows another TLC famous Jeremy, Counting On Jeremy Vuolo. On Ember’s photo Vuolo comments, “Bro your family is beautiful.” Interestingly enough, Roloff responds. The Little People Big World star writes, “appreciate you brother👊🏼 we need to hang soon.”


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Ultimately, Jeremy Roloff shares a key takeaway he’s learned regarding parenting. In concluding his caption about Ember always asking why, he writes the following. “A constant reminder that I’m a teacher and my responses matter.”

What is some of the best parenting advice you’ve gotten? Let us know in the comment section below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more Little People Big World news.


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