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‘Seeking Sister Wife’: Dannielle Merrifield Finalizes Divorce

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Seeking Sister Wife star Dannielle Merrifield and her husband Garrick Merrifield are in court on this week’s episode to finalize their divorce. The couple was married for over ten years and together as a couple over thirteen years.

However, for them to bring the woman, they both agreed as Garrick’s second wife and Dannielle’s sister wife; the couple must divorce to allow Roberta to move to the USA legally. Roberta’s Brazilian. So, the only option the couple has available is to divorce and bring her here to the USA on the K1 Visa.

It’s like a 90 Day Fiance meets Seeking Sister Wife crossover for the Merrrifields this season on the third season of TLC’s Seeking Sister Wife.

Seeking Sister Wives: Dannielle Divorces Garick To Bring Their Fiance To The States

Seeking Sister Wife couple Dannielle Merrifield and her husband Garrick  Merrifield is a new family this season. They’re from Colorado, married ten years with two sons, Geremiah, 11, and Solomon, 10. About two years ago, Garrick felt the calling to live the plural marriage lifestyle. Initially, Dannielle wasn’t on board. However, she eventually saw the vision.

The couple met their now-fiance Roberta online. After a nine-day vacation, Garrick asked Roberta to marry him. However, Roberta was denied a tourist visa. So the only way the Merrifields could bring Roberta to America was for them to divorce and for Garrick to marry Roberta.

Certainly, it’s a big decision for Seeking Sister Wife celeb Dannielle Merrifield. After all, she’s been in a monogamous relationship with Garrick for 13 years, married 10 of those years, and they share two sons. Now she’s about to divorce the man she loves so they can add a second wife to their family. Most people in Dannielle’s life would say she’s crazy. Certainly, she’s granting this divorce to please her husband. It’s a huge sacrifice and an even bigger sign of her devotion to their relationship, whether it’s a legal marriage or spiritual union.

Dannielle Cries As She Takes Off Her Wedding Rings

Seeking Sister Wife’s Dannielle Merrifield’s eyes fill with tears as she tells the judge her marriage to Garrick is broken beyond repair. Just moments before entering the courtroom, both spouses took off their wedding rings. However, Dannielle knows the divorce is the last step to finalize Garrick and Roberta’s K1 Visa application.

The Merrifields know this decision, however hard, will propel their family’s future. While the divorce is sad, they are far from breaking up. Their relationship is changing and growing as they embark on becoming a plural family.

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