Wendy Williams, Lifetime, Ciera Payton as Wendy Williams in Wendy Williams: The Movie premiering Saturday, January 30 at 8pm ET/PT. Photo by Ryan Plummer and Brendan George Ko / Courtesy of Lifetime Copyright 2021

Lifetime’s Wendy Williams Movies: ‘The Movie,’ ‘What A Mess,’ All The Details

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You watch Wendy Williams every weekday. Think you know it all? Do you know the real story about her childhood, her divorce, and how she rose to the top? Thanks to two upcoming Lifetime movies, you will learn everything you need to know about Wendy’s journey and “private darkness.”

The Movie stars Ciera Payton (General Hospital, NCIS) as Wendy, and Morocco Omari (Empire, Joan of Arcadia). What are the two LMN Wendy Williams movies, The Movie, and What A Mess about?

What Is Lifetime’s Wendy Williams The Movie About?

According to the Lifetime synopsis, internationally famous talk show host Wendy Williams executive produces the biopic on her life. In a movie that only Lifetime can make, fans see the highs and lows she has experienced throughout the years.

Wendy has made herself the go-to source for great celebrity gossip on her hit talk show, The Wendy Williams Show. However, recently the spotlight has turned towards her. The authorized project provides a revealing look at Wendy’s journey, from her scrappy upstart days in urban radio to the success of her syndicated talk show. She reveals how she made herself into the woman she is now. But, her rise to fame came with a price.

Despite all the naysayers and obstacles Wendy encountered throughout her life, her strength and determination have allowed her to thrive.

The LMN premiere of Wendy Williams The Movie airs on Friday, March 26, at 8 p.m. Eastern.

What Is Lifetime’s Wendy Williams: What A Mess About?

Wendy Williams, the self-anointed Queen of all Media sheds her private persona and speaks directly to the camera, discussing every inch of joy and humiliation she has experienced since childhood. It’s a raw, no-holds-barred look with never-before-heard truths about Wendy’s notorious feuds with celebrities, her shocking divorce, her childhood and, the private darkness she has endeared.

The international host is ready to let it all out. This is fully her life and her flaws out for everyone to see and to discuss!

Be sure to catch the LMN premiere of Wendy Williams: What A Mess, on Friday, March 26, at 10 p.m. Eastern.

Lifetime Wanted To Do Bio Earlier

Lifetime had previously approached Wendy Williams to do a biography. At that time, she was still married to Kevin. But once things with her ex-husband became crazier, including getting involved with his mistress and him becoming the baby daddy with this other woman, she started thinking differently.

However, it was not until her divorce did Wendy feel ready to allow Lifetime access to her life and innermost feelings.

Ready to watch Wendy on Lifetime? Don’t miss the LMN premiere of Wendy Williams The Movie on Friday, March 26, at 8 p.m. Eastern on LMN. Right after, catch Wendy Williams: What A Mess, also on Friday, March 26, at 10 p.m. Eastern.

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