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‘General Hospital’ Speculation: Brook Lynn Is Faking Her Pregnancy

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General Hospital teased us with the idea of a Quartermaine-Cassadine baby for months, a baby that would be a legacy character with the genetics of two prominent families, offering juicy storylines for years to come. It finally looks like the show delivered, but has it? After all, Brooke is back in town looking very pregnant. Then, she announced to the world she’s about to give birth to Helena Cassadine’s grandchild.

But, what if she isn’t and that baby idea is still nothing but a tease? First, Brook (Amanda Setton) looks a whole lot more pregnant than she should be unless she is carrying triplets. While it’s not at all unusual for soaps to speed up a pregnancy, this one seems a bit suspicious.

General Hospital: Brook Lynn’s Dirtiest Trick Of All?

When we last saw Brook Lynn, she was eyeing a pregnancy test after telling Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) she was leaving town — after they slept together. We assumed she’d eventually return pregnant, and once again played by Amanda Setton, returned from maternity leave.

That is exactly what happened — or is it? It was odd as Brook rubbed her overly-large belly and announced her pregnancy to anyone who would listen, including Valentin. Wait, what? This isn’t soap-like. Usually, a soap mother would go to great lengths to keep the family enemy from knowing he is going to be a father. Instead, Brook Lynn showed him her bump the moment she got the chance.

We also assumed Maxie (Kirsten Storms) would finally have a baby switch story. During her last pregnancy, that was the most obvious conclusion when she ended up pregnant concurrently with Nelle (Chloe Lanier). Instead, Nelle’s baby was switched with a random woman’s dead child. (That random woman turned out to be Katelyn MacMullen’s Willow.) Maxie’s child, James, was untouched but she’s pregnant again. So, baby switch? Or baby fake?

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Revenge On Valentin?

When Maxie noticed Brook Lynn’s bump she asked her who her obstetrician was and invited her to a childbirth class. Brook Lynn had no answer. When Maxie suggested she start seeing Britt (Kelly Thiebaud) as her doctor, Brook hemmed and hawed at the idea of an exam. She also didn’t like the idea of attending a childbirth class. Nope, nothing fishy about that, right?

What about Brook’s constant insistence with Ned (Wally Kurth) and the rest of her family that they shouldn’t worry about her carrying a Cassadine baby because she has a plan? Could BLQ’s plan be to fake a pregnancy and convince Valentin to give back his shares of ELQ in exchange for access to his child only to then reveal she was never pregnant at all? Brook Lynn may be playing with fire and both she and Valentin could very well get burned.

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