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‘600-Lb. Life’ Dr. Now Comes For Tammy Slaton On Instagram: See Photo

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Fans of 1000-Lb. Sisters want a My 600-Lb. Life crossover featuring Tammy Slaton and Dr. Now. Fans of the two TLC series think Dr. Now could help Tammy Slaton finally shed some serious weight. They hope his strict diet in a controlled environment could save her from her addiction to food. Turns out, Dr. Now of My 600-Lb. Life follows Tammy Slaton. And, he made an appearance during a recent Instagram Live. Fans of the two TLC shows didn’t take long to notice Dr. Now in the comments. And, they were quick to call attention to him.

What did Dr. Now have to say to the 1000-Lb Sisters star? Keep reading for the scoop.

My 600-Lb. Life star Dr. Now comes for Tammy Slaton on Instagram

Turns out, 1000-Lb. Sisters fans were not alone in tuning in when Tammy Slaton when live on Instagram recently. Dr. Now from My 600-Lb. Life also tuned in. He didn’t have a lot to say to her. But, what he say was noticed by those who tuned in to watch Tammy Slaton go live on Instagram. So, what did he say to Tammy Slaton? Well, it was just one simple word.


That one simple word caught the attention of many of those watching Tammy Slaton’s live. Why did Dr. Now say “wow”? Was he surprised by something? Despite being just one word… That word can be taken a few different ways. Unsurprisingly, fans of 1000-Lb. Sisters and My 600-Lb. Life were quick to put meaning behind this single word.

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What do fans think he meant by the word ‘wow’?

A few fans encouraged Dr. Now to “come for Tammy” and “get her.” Some begged Dr. Now to get Tammy Slaton the help she needed. Unsurprisingly, a few were pretty skeptical this was actually “THE” Dr. Now commenting on Tammy’s live. Could this be a fake account? It was certainly a possibility. There are a few faux Dr. Now accounts on Instagram. But, we at Tv Shows Ace ran the display name that showed up in the chat the way it was written. It does not turn up any results.

Dr. Now Confirms Diet Plan Is In His Book: How To Buy It

Whether this was really Dr. Now or a fake account… Fans of these two TLC shows were more or less on the same page. Tammy Slaton needed Dr. Now in her life. And, they wished he would really come for her and change her life.

Do you think Dr. Now really did just come for Tammy Slaton on Instagram? Is this a TLC crossover you would be open to watching? Share your thoughts with us on what “wow” might mean in the comments.

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