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‘Sweet Home Sextuplets’: Muddy Hair Don’t Care

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Sweet Home Sextuplets star Courtney Waldrop took her three youngest boys to get haircuts today. Of course, Blu Waldrop, Layke Waldrop, and Tag Waldrop look absolutely adorable and handsome with their fresh new hairdos. The “babies” aren’t babies anymore. In fact, they are starting to look like little men.

It’s no secret how much the Waldrop kids from Sweet Home Sextuplets like mud puddles and jumping into them. So it’s not shocking these the Waldrop brothers found themselves drawn to the puddles in the barbershop’s parking lot. No doubt they truly lived up to the expression “muddy hair, don’t care.”

Sweet Home Sextuplets: Blu, Tag, And Layke Waldrop Get Haircuts

Sweet Home Sextuplets brothers Blu, Tag, and Layke had a fun afternoon outing with their mom Courtney today. Clearly, it was a divide and conquer type of day for the busy mom of nine. So while the older boys were at school and the younger girls were with a sitter, Courtney took her three youngest fellas to get their locks trimmed. No doubt the three-year-old cuties looked super handsome as they left the barbershop with their fresh styles perfectly coifed.

The Sweet Home Sextuplets younger boys are growing up so fast. With these new haircuts, it’s obvious they are looking more like little men and not toddlers. However, from their sense of whimsy and playfulness, it’s also obvious they still are children and find ways to have fun no matter where they go.

Blu Waldrop - Layke Waldrop- Tag Waldrop - Instagram
Blu Waldrop – Layke Waldrop- Tag Waldrop – Instagram

Boys Will Be Boys

Sweet Home Sextuplets celebs Blu Waldrop, Layke Waldrop, and Tag Waldrop really embody the expression “boys will be boys.” These three cannot pass a puddle without taking the opportunity to jump in it. In fact, if there’s mud, that’s a bonus. The youngest Waldrop brothers are fearless. They like to have fun, and they don’t mind getting dirty. Their poor momma must cringe when she sees them getting into everything. Although she’s probably used to it since she has lots of experience as a “boy mom’. Before the sextuplets were born, she just had Saylor Waldrop and twins Wales Waldrop and Bridge Waldrop.

So handling three active boys is old hat for Sweet Home Sextuplets mom Courtney Waldrop. She’s learned to just go with it. Otherwise, she’d spend her days in tears. Instead, she lets her kids have fun, get dirty, and make memories. Courtney even added the hashtag “why not” to today’s shenanigans.

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