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‘Marrying Millions’ Fans Speculate Who Rodney Foster Cheated With

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Marrying Millions star Rodney Foster cheated on Desiry Hall on the popular Lifetime show. Meanwhile, watchers have some interesting theories regarding who he cheated with. What’s the latest speculation?

Marrying Millions: Rodney Foster and Desiry Hall Have Their Issues

Rodney Foster and Desiry Hall have their share of issues on Marrying Millions. Rodney kept his relationship with Desiry a secret from his family for two years. Meanwhile, his side of the family doesn’t approve of his choice of a mate. They also don’t like the fact that Rodney Foster pays Desiry Hall’s bills as well.

Marrying Millions sets up conflict right out of the gate. Rich people shacking up with average Joe’s sets the stage for a lot of drama with each couple. Whether or not the poorer partners take advantage of their rich counterparts is a constant question with each pair. Meanwhile, watchers remember how Desiry Hall reacted when Rodney Foster brought up the idea of a prenup.

Marrying Millions: Rodney Foster - Desiry Hall
Marrying Millions: Rodney Foster – Desiry Hall/YouTube

Rodney Cheats on Desiry

Another thing that causes strain in this Marrying Millions relationship is Rodney Foster’s cheating. He cheated on Desiry Hall in the past. Due to this, there are some major trust issues between the couple. Meanwhile, even in current episodes, his past indiscretions often come back to bite – as viewers see in the current season.

Marrying Millions fans have some theories regarding who Rodney Foster cheated on Desiry Hall with. Ever since Rodney was first introduced, some users thought that he is interested in men. Following that train of thought, many watchers believe Rodney Foster cheated on Desiry Hall with another man. Some other theories suggest that he had a series of random flings. Either way, this is a hot topic of debate among fans.

Some Marrying Millions fans think Rodney Foster cheated with his childhood friend, Patrice Ellis. Even Desiry Hall thought that might be the case at the couple’s engagement party. Rodney and Patrice were certainly friendly and flirty as well. So it makes sense that she could be a possibility.

More Drama Ahead for Marrying Millions Pair

With the Rodney Foster cheating speculation going back and forth among fans, there’s still a lot of drama unfolding in current Marrying Millions episodes as well. In addition to the drama with him, Desiry Hall and his mother don’t see eye to eye on a lot of things either.

Meanwhile, he was told by a couples’ counselor that there can only be room for one “queen” in his life. So there is still jostling between Desiry and his mother to be the most important woman in Rodney’s life. Either way, there’s plenty of drama unfolding in this Marrying Millions storyline – both on and off-camera.

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