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Did Emmy Medders Forgive Chase During The Season 8 Finale?

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The Season 8 Finale of Chrisley Knows Best aired tonight and Emmy Medders got into “a bit of a disagreement” with her boyfriend Chase. A large chunk of the plotline for the entire episode featured Chase Chrisley trying to find a way out of the outhouse. It quickly becomes clear he’s not very good at having a girlfriend. Moreover, here’s terrible at apologizing. Still, his family seems to like Emmy Medders as much as fans. So, they did what they could to help Chase smooth things over.

Warning: Article contains spoilers from the Season 8 Finale of Chrisley Knows Best 

What caused the lovebirds to get into a fight anyway?

Now, if you haven’t seen the Season 8 Finale yet… You might be wondering what Chase and Emmy got into a fight about. Turns out, it was a pretty simple misunderstanding. After not having plans with Emmy, Chase decided to go out with friends. He did not think he needed to check in with Emmy to let her know he was going out with friends. From her point of view, it felt like he was standing her up. From the outside looking in, Chase’s father Todd agrees with Emmy. The first thing he asked was whether Chase took a moment to call Emmy and let her know his plans. When Chase tells Todd no, he clues his son in that he’s already messed up.

Unfortunately, Chase only seems to make things worse. He explains to his father that Emmy is blowing up his phone with calls and text messages. Chase, however, has decided not to answer these calls and texts. Instead, he’s ignoring her. He explains he is waiting for her to “cool down.” Todd, Savannah, and even Grayson agree Chase is just digging a deeper hole.

So, does Emmy Medders ever forgive Chase Chrisley?

Chase Chrisley continues to make things worse when he takes Emmy on what is more or less a double date as an apology. Savannah clues him in later that it was a huge mistake. After trying and failing to bake a cake… Chase Chrisley decides to take a stab at a picnic instead. Fans at home assume he likely bought the brownies or perhaps convinced his mother to make him. Baking was clearly not his strong suit.

Unfortunately, it starts raining after he gets the picnic set up and waits for Emmy. He calls his mother and admits that it is “just his luck.” When Emmy Medders arrives, she doesn’t seem to mind the rain. In fact, she thinks the picnic is romantic. She’s happy to forgive Chase after he explains he didn’t mean to make her feel like he stood her up. Emmy Medders, however, does stand her ground on one thing. She notes that ignoring her calls and texts was the wrong move. And, she urges Chase to never make that move again.

Chase Chrisley Emmy Medders YouTube

Chase explains he only ignored her because he thought she needed time to cool down. She, however, reiterates that instead of making her cool down it just made her more upset.

So, have you had a chance to watch the Chrisley Knows Best Season 8 Finale yet? Are you happy that Chase and Emmy managed to make up? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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