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Mama June & Pumpkin Defend Honey Boo Boo from Trolls

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Mama June and Pumpkin (Lauryn Efird), stepped up in defense of Alana (Honey Boo Boo), this week. Mama June: Road to Redemption returned to WEtv and fans take more interest in the cast. Now, June Shannon and Pumpkin seem absolutely fed up with the sheer nastiness on Honey Boo Boo’s social media. Both of them waded in on her trolls. The young teen takes a lot of heat over her nails, her hair, her clothes, just about everything. 15 years old, she’s still a kid and unfortunately, some rather ugly comments go her way on social media.

Mama June & Pumpkin stick up for teen, Honey Boo Boo

For some reason, so much criticism goes Honey Boo Boo’s way. At 15, she’s around the same age as Milania Guidice and slightly younger than Denise Richard’s daughter, Lola Rose Sheen. They both feature on the Real Housewives franchise. The main problem with trolls seems to focus on the fact that Honey Boo Boo wears nail polish and make-up. Critics complain that she should still be a little girl and not try to act older than she is. But, Milania and Lola Rose both wear makeup. In fact, Milania wears nail polish, does up her face, and dresses like an adult as well. But, trolls hate it when Honey Boo Boo does the same thing.

Perhaps it’s because Toddlers & Tiaras’ fans saw Honey Boo Boo grow up in pageants and in their minds, she’s still a baby. Well, Mama June and Pumpkin have had enough of it. And Pumpkin slammed WEtv fans who constantly say terrible things to her little sister. This week, InTouch Weekly reported that June Shannon spoke out about it. She told the outlet that people forget about the fact that since the age of five, her daughter featured in “the glitz pageant.” Actually, fans applauded and encourage it. But now she reached the age where other teens enjoy playing around with nails and makeup, trolls slam her.

Pumpkin speaks her minds on trolls

Taking to her Instagram on Wednesday, March 24, like Mama June, Pumpkin told trolls exactly where to get off their high horses. She made some very obvious points that trolls seem to forget. Firstly, she mentioned that her sister’s 15-years-old now. Then she noted that she “likes long lashes & long nails.” Think about that. After all, what teens of that age don’t like dressing themselves up? Many fans say they also did the same thing at 15 or 16. Plus, Pumpkin feels grateful that nails and makeup interest her rather than any number of “worse things.”

Mama June & Pumpkin both seem upset as many of the comments that come in talk about “ghetto, ratchet, poor, or grown.” Fans know that Honey Boo Boo experienced some terrible things in her life. So, it angers her big sister that people diss her in such an ugly way. After all, she “still manages to give a person the shirt off her back when she may not have it to give.” The Road to Redemption star also updated fans on Alana’s school. And she says that her sister “bust her ass” there with good “grades.” As far as she thinks, throwing on some “lashes or long nails” seems like no big deal.

Finally, she slammed thoughtless people who seem not to care that Honey Boo Boo is “still a child who has feelings.”

Mama June & Pumpkin Wade In On Honey Boo Boo Trolls
Credit: Pumpkin Efird | Instagram

What do you think about Mama June and Pumpkin both calling out trolls who hit on Alana for wearing lashes, nails, and makeup? Do you think it’s a big problem? Or, did you also try it out as a teenager? Sound off in the comments below.

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