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‘Chrisley Knows Best’ Revisits One of Nanny Faye’s Best One-Liners

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Chrisley Knows Best Season 8 brings the finale episode on March 25. As usual, during the season, Nanny Faye featured a lot. Sometimes, fans agree that she steals the show. In particular, they love her one-liners. Clearly, the USA Network also loves those famous quips by Todd’s mom. On Monday, March 23, they revisited one of her more famous one-liners.

Chrisley Knows Best and Nanny Faye who is famous for one-liners

We reported that in the finale, fans can expect a huge surprise. We won’t spoil it here, but you can read about it on our site. While the surprise doesn’t focus on Todd’s mom, she already brought a load of laughs in the current season. Fans just can’t get enough of Nanny as she always tries doing things that her son disapproves of. In recent weeks, we reported that fans laughed like crazy when Nanny Faye featured on another USA Network post. In that one, she dressed like a crazy parrot. Todd seemed shocked, but she said in New Orleans, people can be “whoever they want to be.”

What Nanny Faye Shenanigans Happen Next On ‘Chrisley Knows Best’?

In another scene from Chrisley Knows Best, fans saw a teaser that revealed Nanny Faye and Todd clashing over her doggie figurines. Even Chase agreed that she had more than enough. Notably, he really didn’t like the neon-orange one. Todd’s mom’s not easily bullied or easily persuaded. She always stands up to critics in the family. Actually, it would probably take weeks to recap all of her amusing exploits, especially if you include her scenes in the Growing up Chrisley spinoff.

Revisited one-liner from last year

The latest clip that @chrisley-usa shared on Instagram, featured in the Chrisley Knows Best Summer Finale back in September last year. It came when Chase and Nanny Faye entered their golf cart for a Christmas competition. Well, the clip shared on Instagram this week cut a lot of it out. It captured her famous one-liner. Recall, Todd approached her and caught her out copying other people’s ideas. In the clip, he confronted her and said if she uses those ideas, he’ll “tell the judges.” So, Nanny Faye came back with: “Well, go ahead, snitchy b*tchy.”

Shocked, the Chrisley Knows Best patriarch asked her “what?” So, she told him again, “I said go ahead, snitch b-tch.” Well, fans never grow tired of old clips of Todd’s mom. So, in the comments, fans laughed a lot. And some of them said that it’s one of their favorite scenes of her. One fan wrote, “Hands down my favorite quote 😂😂😂😂😂💪🏽🐐.” And another one said, “OMG she is the bestest!!!”

Chrisley Knows Best Revisits One of Nanny Faye's Best One-Liners
Credit: Chrisley_usa | Instagram

Did you enjoy the scene on Chrisley Knows Best where Nanny Faye just outright called Todd a “snitch b-tch?” Sound off in the comments below.

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