Seeking Sister Wife Garrick and Dannielle over

Are ‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Stars Garrick And Dannielle Done?

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Seeking Sister Wife is officially back and the show is bringing a new couple with it. Garrick and Dannielle Garland are a married couple of 13 years with two young children.

However, over the last few years things have not been going great. In several session in front of the camera, both members of the couple talk about how many times the marriage almost fell apart.

Eventually, they decided the solution was polyamory. In fact, Dannielle and Marrick said God wanted them to bring another wife into the relationship.

Once the decision to seek a sister wife was made, it was time to work out the details. There was one hitch. The woman the pair felt was a perfect choice is from Brazil.

In order to make it into the country, Roberta needed a fiance visa. Of course that was a problem because Garrick and Dannielle were still married.

It was Dannielle that offered the solution to their problems. She said the couple needed to get a divorce. That way, Garrick could marry Roberta and she could come to the United States.

Seeking Sister Wife Stars Go Through With It

Eventually, the couple did indeed divorce. In one scene showing just how far Garrick and Dannielle were willing to go in order to become a plural marriage, the two sign the papers.

While they signed, Dannielle joked with Garrick that, “the ring still means you’re stuck with me.” However, she got emotional while speaking about the previous conversations she and Garrick had about divorce. She described the topic as a “sore spot.”

She went on to explain the couple married young. Because of this, they saw plenty of hardship. At one point, Garrick printed off divorce papers and threatened to leave her.

It was the arguments and the near splits that convinced them to try plural marriage.

Roberta And Garrick Hook Up

With the papers signed and everything official, the couple traveled to give Roberta the good news. It appears that Garrick couldn’t wait until he got his fiancee back home. At the beach, he went off with his bride-to-be for some intimate time.

At one point, they began kissing. Dannielle, meanwhile waited down the beach.

At one point, a producer asked Roberta whether she was worried Dannielle would hear her and Garrick making love. The Brazilian responded that she promised to be quiet, ahead of time.

Still, a clip of the premiere of Seeking Sister Wife showed a Dannielle who is clearly not happy about the situation.

In a sneak peek the divorcee talked about how she worried where her relationship with Garrick would go now. She seemed a bit worried that instead of seeking a Sister Wife, Garrick just wanted a new bride.

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