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‘Return To Amish:’ Maureen And Daniel’s Romance Update, Are They Together?

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Return to Amish has officially returned and there’s lots of twists and turns ahead for this season. We’ve already gotten one sneak peek showing Rosanna have some kind of panic attack. During that incident, Maureen Byler was present and trying to help. However, that doesn’t mean she’s going to a “side character” the whole season.

In fact, if this were a scripted drama, one could even say she’s getting her own “B Plot.”

Starcasm showed a recent spoiler of the upcoming season, showing Maureen with a little romance brewing.

Viewers were introduced to Maureen Byler at the start of Season 6. She’s the granddaughter of the Amish doughnut stand owner Ada Byler. Maureen and Rosanna are going to be leaving the Amish community to see the big wide world, but there’s some trepidation surrounding their decision for a number of reasons.

Rosanna’s panic attack stems from wanting to be independent from her family. However, attaining that independence caused her extreme anxiety.

Maureen’s reason for wanting to leave the community seems to be rooted in something else entirely.

“I have a crush on this really handsome guy,” Maureen said in the sneak peek. Viewers then saw Maureen and her handsome guy Daniel walking and talking.

Return To Amish Star’s First Kiss?

After Maureen and Daniel’s walk through the meadow, another scene showed them talking. Daniel asks his love interest if she’s ever slept with anyone. She responded that she was still a virgin.

The two then entered into some very heavy petting that involved an intense session of tongue licking.

The big question many Return to Amish viewers had about the clip was whether or not the pair are still together. As with most reality television like this show, actual reality is several months behind what they showed on screen.

Maureen and Daniel first hooked up more than a year ago. So with that much time passing and with so much change in their lives, are they still together?

Still Going Strong

While neither one has talked much publicly about their make-out session or relationship after, there are some clues to be had. According to Facebook posts from the pair, they got engaged in July 2020.

Both Maureen and Daniel have flown under the radar for most of this year but there are still some clues they’re together. In a somewhat recent social media post by Daniel, from a rodeo in February, Maureen commented, “I love you.”

In March, Maureen shared her own social media post, with the caption “beyond blessed.” The Return to Amish star was clearly sporting a diamond engagement ring. Daniel commented that the picture was gorgeous.

While we might not get much information for a while about their ongoing romance, viewers will be able to see a bit of how they first hit it off.

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