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‘DDWTD’: Dawsyn Celebrates Her ‘Alive Day’ With Siblings

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DDWTD fans took a huge interest in the newest set of triplets in Deon and Karen’s family. Season 1 reveals that the newest set of triplets arrived. Before that, the Doubling Down with the Derricos parents produced 11 children. After she arrived with health issues, fans heard an ugly rumor that Dawsyn passed away. Well, the family just celebrated her “Alive Day.”

DDWTD – Dawsyn is very much alive and thriving

We reported that fans prayed hard for baby Dawsyn during Season 1 of the show. Now awaiting Season 2, which comes sometime in 2o21, fans enjoy catching up with all the kids. Recall, Dawsyn brought a lot of tension to the TLC show. Diagnosed with a hole in the heart, fans feared for her life as she needed heart surgery. Bear in mind, fans also heard that one child in a previous set of triplets, Carter, passed away. Sadly, Dawsyn Derrico later contracted the coronavirus.

DDWTD fans heard that the little mite survived, but out of the blue, an ugly rumor arose that she passed away. In fact, Doubling Down with the Derricos fans freaked out when an obituary popped up on Facebook. You can see the notice further down in this article. Fortunately, we dug around into the story and established that it wasn’t true at all. Nowadays, cute little Dawsyn looks very much alive and is thriving. Additionally, the family just celebrated her “Alive Day.”

DDWTD Dawsyn death notice
Credit: DeathDeath & Obituaries | Facebook

Dallas with her little sister as they celebrate her ‘Alive Day’

On Sunday, March 21, Deon Derrico shared a photo of  Dallas, Denver, and Deniko with Dawsyn. The DDWTD dad wrote, “Happy Alive day world.” It’s been a long time since the show aired. So here’s a reminder from Distratcify about who’s who among the kids. The outlet noted that the eldest child is Darian. Next comes Derrick. Then, the multiples started arriving. These included the twins Denver and Dallas. The quintuplets, Deniko, Dariz, Deonee, Daician, and Daiten arrived after the twins.

Diez and Dior were the survivors of the DDWTD triplets that included Carter. Finally, fans saw Karen preparing for the birth of Dawsyn, De’Aren, and Dyver. So, Deon Derrico’s photo revealed Dawsyn with her eldest brother, one of the twins, and one of the quints.

DDWTD Dawsyn Celebrates Her Alive Day With Siblings
Credit: Deon Derrico | Instagram

Of course, fans seemed delighted that their newest triplet looked so very well. Chubby, and looking cute in her striped onesie, many fans commented on the photo about how much they love her.

Other updates about the kids

About a week ago, Deon also shared about some of the other DDWTD kids. He shared a photo of Daician, Daiten, and Deonee, (three of the quints.) He said that they seem so “tight” together that they make him think of  “Charlie’s Angels.” Only, he called them the “DERRICOs Angels.”

DDWTD Three quints
Credit: Deon Derrico | Instagram

Many DDWTD fans asked for a date for Season 2, as they can’t wait to see more of the adorable kids. Deon replied and said that fans should stay tuned as he hopes to make an announcement “very soon.” So, check back with us often for the premiere date of Season 2 where you can see more of Dawsyn and her siblings.

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