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‘Return to Amish’ News: Are Rebecca and Abe On This Season?

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Tonight on Facebook, Jeremiah Raber of Return to Amish made a live video and talked to fans. One thing that he talked about was how Abe and Rebecca are doing and if they are in the upcoming season. Jeremiah already shared the news that Mama Mary won’t be back, which makes fans really sad. He shared tonight that she is not in her original house anymore also.

Are Abe and Rebecca on Return to Amish anymore?

It turns out that Abe and Rebecca Schmucker will not be back on this upcoming season of the show. Jeremiah shared that she is doing “pretty good.” Abe has his own trucking business now. When asked who he is still close with from the show, Jeremiah Raber said Mary, Rebecca and Abe. Right now, Mary is still living in Pennsylvania. Abe and Rebecca are still together. The fans will miss all three of these cast members this season!

Jeremiah Raber’s other updates

Jeremiah had a few other updates as well. He wanted everyone to know that Return to Amish will be back tomorrow night. This new season sounds like it will be a great one. Sabrina and Jeremiah are the returning ones to the show. This season is emotional for Jeremiah and he gets a lot of answers. He even teased that there are twists and turns. He said they are all real on Return to Amish. It sounds like a season you don’t want to miss. He compared his story to a Lifetime show and says it was all real to him.

A large part of this season of Return to Amish will be about Jeremiah Raber trying to find his family. He does get answers, but hopefully, it is all of the ones that he needs for closure.

He also gave an update that his diabetes is doing well, which fans loved to hear! Jeremiah Raber also stopped drinking a while back. He did admit to still smoking, though. Jeremiah also said his wife Carmela Raber is doing pretty good. They are still together and going strong.

One thing Jeremiah Raber did during this was talking to fans a lot. He would say “hello” to them and comment. They loved getting the interaction with him.

Don’t miss watching Return to Amish on Monday nights on TLC. Jeremiah thinks it will be on Hulu as well, but wasn’t sure. You also might check discovery + since it has past seasons of the show on it.


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