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‘Return To Amish:’ Rosanna Has Panic Attack In Florida

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Return to Amish stars Rosanna and Maureen are out on their own. While the two young girls wanted to get away from their oppressive Amish community, a recent sneak peek of an upcoming episode shows Rosanna isn’t dealing with the situation well.

In fact, Hollywoodlife has clips of a recent segment where Rosanna suffered a severe panic attack. The young girl starts out the video talking about being a bit overwhelmed.

“This is what I always wanted to do,” she told the camera. “But I don’t know. I’m just… Like, am I going to be able to make it out here?”

It becomes clear quickly that this wasn’t run-of-the-mill regret. Indeed, Rosanna soon adds that she felt woozy. She apologized to the camera and then added, “I feel like I’m going to pass out.”

Return To Amish Star Passes Out

Rosanna eventually became visibly distressed. She asked the producer if she could go inside somewhere. At this point in the clip, it’s rather obvious the young woman was wobbly on her feet.

Apparently amid a panic attack, producers put her in front of a fan to try and keep her cool. Maureen, who apparently saw these kind of panic attacks when they were living in their Amish community, tried to help.

Maureen told Rosanna to keep talking, but it appeared the panic attack had already begun in earnest. During the episode, Rosanna said she couldn’t feel her hands or feet. She claimed it also felt like her mouth wasn’t opening.

Maureen continued to try to help, telling her friend to think about something else. Others on the crew also tried to help Rosanna cool down by giving her an ice pack. As the clip of the show draws to an end, nothing seemed to work, and the screen fades out as Rosanna appeared to pass out.

 A Big Step

The start of Season 6 of Return to Amish might have foreshadowed the incident. The season premiere showed Rosanna building up the courage to leave her family behind. It also showed her hesitation and trepidation at being shunned from them once she leaves.

Unlike some other members of the cast, this is the first time the young woman has ever left her community. While it exhilarated her to live in the outside world, she had concerns.

If the sneak peek clip is anything to go by, those concerns didn’t dissipate. If anything, they only got worse once she was indeed outside the community.

As far as what happened to Rosanna and how they could get her to calm down, it appears the Return to Amish fan base is going to have to wait a bit. The good news is, the wait won’t be all that long now.

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