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Matt James Gets Cryptic On Twitter After Purging His Instagram Account

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Shortly after purging his Instagram account of all content, Matt James got cryptic on Twitter. This bizarre behavior has left The Bachelor viewers at home wondering what the heck is going on. What cryptic tweet did he post on Twitter? And, did he delete his Instagram account completely? We’ve been following the peculiar behavior of Matt James across multiple streaming platforms today. Here’s what we’ve been able to dig up.

First things first, did he delete his Instagram or just wipe it?

We reported a little earlier today that something was off with Matt James’ Instagram profile. Things were a little confusing at the time because both Facebook and Instagram were experiencing some technical issues. So, some wondered if the deletion of all the content on his profile was related to the glitchy server. Unfortunately, we can now confirm Instagram and Facebook are working just fine. So, it doesn’t appear as if the removal of his Instagram content had anything to do with the temporary glitch in their server.

He did update his Instagram Stories about six hours ago

Now, we can report Matt James did not delete his Instagram account completely. In fact, he posted an update to his Instagram Stories about six hours ago. But, this is where the story gets weird. The update was a screenshot. A screenshot of a very cryptic tweet. A tweet he appears to have left, took a screenshot of, and then shared on Instagram. Naturally, this has fans wondering what is going on.

See the cryptic tweet below.

And, here is the screenshot of the cryptic tweet on his Instagram Stories.

Matt James Instagram

Matt James tweets cryptic ’03/21/21′ on Twitter: What does it mean?

Now, if you do the math. Matt James’ cryptic tweet on Twitter refers to two days from now. Sunday. But, what does it mean? What is happening on 03/21/21?

The day after The Bachelor finale aired, Matt tweeted in response to those saying he needed therapy. Could he have taken the advice of viewers at home and scheduled an appointment for that date? Or, will he be spilling some juicy Bachelor Nation tea on Sunday?

Naturally, we took a look at the responses on Twitter. So, we could see what fans thought about what Matt James’ cryptic message on Twitter might mean.

The Bachelor fans didn’t speculate much on what ’03/21/21′ meant

Most of those who took the time to respond to the cryptic tweet expressed concern. Concern for the wellbeing of Matt James. They could not believe how disgusting some people were being toward him.

“I hope you’re okay Matt. I sending all of my love. Don’t listen to ignorant haters online who have so much hurt in their own hearts they project it on to amazing people like you. You’ll get through this,” one individual penned.

Another added noting there was no happy outcome for Matt: “Bro, no matter what you said folks would have been angry. If you acted like race didn’t matter they would have said you don’t care about the issues. When you treat it significantly, problem. Everything is a problem. Know this and stay strong to your convictions.”

“Look we all know he has his faults but it’s honestly overkill how much people are coming for him. He’s obviously not okay. Chill out,” a third agreed.

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On a less positive note, some followers noted he needs to step back and get a better understanding of women before putting himself out there again. Was he not ready for this show?

Matt James cryptic Twitter post: Is something significant about March 21st?

The next logical thing to do at this point is simply to Google March 21st. Are there any special holidays or observations that take place on this day? Turns out, there are a lot according to But, there is one holiday in particular that seems to be catching the eye of The Bachelor fans.

International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.”

Could Matt James be calling attention to this? Fans think this is a pretty solid theory. Here’s hoping he’ll clear up the mystery on Sunday. We will certainly be stalking his social media profiles for the answer!

Matt James Bachelor

According to Screen Rant, the only other theory is that Matt James might do some sort of live stream on Sunday. Unfortunately, there aren’t too many other theories floating around at this point in time.

What do you think his cryptic message on Twitter could have meant? Share your thoughts with us. And, stick with us for the latest Bachelor related news.

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