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‘My 600-LB Life’ Seana Collins Update 2021 Where Is She Now?

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My 600-LB Life star Seana Collins really struggled with losing her target weight for gastric surgery. However, she’s not the first one who came along with red flags on her food addiction. Others tried again and successfully got their lives together. So, what happened with her since early 2020? Did she lose weight and qualify for her gastric surgery? Read on to find out.

My 600-LB Life Seana weighed in at over 600 pounds when fans first met her

TLC shares the stories of morbidly obese people who try and qualify for life-changing gastric surgery. To qualify for the show, applicants need to tip the scales at 500 pounds or more. But, back in the days of Alicia Kirgan, the minimum weight was 600 pounds. We reported that Alicia also struggled a bit initially. But she tried hard and despite a lot of red flags, she met her gastric surgery target. Incredibly, these days she looks totally amazing, having dropped her weight by over 300 pounds. Actually, since then, her current photos suggest she possibly lost even more.

Did Seana Collins who struggled with her target that My 600-LB Life‘s Dr. Now set her manage the same success? Just to recap a bit, Seana lived with her mom in Kansas City. She qualified for the show and visited Dr. Now in Houston Texas. Initially weighing at close to 700 pounds, she came along with depression and a massive appetite that arose from a childhood food addiction. A rather anxious personality, she stressed a lot. For example, at one stage she mislaid the papers that contained her instructions for diet and exercise. Terrified to confess it to Dr. Now, she worried she might not qualify for her weight loss target.

Seana lost one pound initially

The TLC star on My 600-LB Life failed with her first objective. Instead of losing 80 pounds in two months, she lost only one. On the show, Seana seemed desperate. She said, “I’m so tired of it and all the pain. I don’t want to live this way because I hate this body.” Seana also complained about the limitations as she couldn’t stand for more than a few minutes. But did she hate her body enough to try again? Well, with her mom supporting her, she tried and this time, she shed 36 pounds. Excited, she reported back to Dr. Now, who didn’t share her same enthusiasm.

Kindly, Dr. Now told the My 600-LB Life star he’d give her another chance if she went for therapy. Her eating addition came after a life with a drug-addicted dad and later, a boyfriend with the same issues. So, unable to do much more for herself, she actually put on weight. And the next time TLC fans saw her weighing in, Dr. Now rejected her from the program. Nevertheless, she seemed determined to keep on trying. Did she manage this time?

Update on weight loss

In a follow-up, Reality Burb reported that it looks like nothing much change in Seana’s My-600 LB Life. It’s not easy to make out with all the filters used on social media. But the outlet concluded she probably never qualified for weight loss surgery.

My 600-LB Life Seana Collins Uodate
Credit: TLC (1) – Seana Facebook (1)

What do you think? Do you think Seana Collins lost enough weight to eventually qualify? Sound off in the comments below.

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  1. I’m sorry but is this girl for real or what? I’ve been watching this show since it first started and this Seana girl must be mentally unstable. Bless Dr Now for his patience with this dumb girl. She keeps losing the diet papers Dr Now gives her. Not once but several times. Who is she fooling? Just herself. She seems like she’s in LA LA land. I can’t feel sorry for her. Even her mom doesn’t want her to live with her. I’m sure all the money her mom gives her goes to buy more fattening food. Come on Seana you’re an embarrassment. Sew your lips shut and lose the weight. Act like a responsible adult. I was overweight all my life and I don’t blame anyone but myself. I weighed over 260 lbs and now I weigh 180lbs. I didn’t have a wonderful Dr Now to help me. I’m watching you right now on TV and I could just shake you.Grrrrrr. you have excuses after excuses. I don’t mean to be so nasty but someone needs to shake you up.

    1. Actually I really do feel sorry for her and believe she may have some intellectual challenges. Hope I am saying this politely. She really needs a support weight loss group I believe.

      1. This poor girl is slow. I don’t think she should have been on the program. She is being exploited. Shame on TLC

  2. She has no one. Literally NO ONE. My heart hurts for her. She takes solace in food. That, and her dog, are her only friends. 🙁

  3. I agree one hundred percent with the first comment. Here I am so disturbed by last nights show I just needed to vent somehow, someway. This Seana is SO SO mentally ill!!! She needs to be put in an institution. There is nobody home upstairs when she was packing the food in like a machine. Dumb, dumb, dumb girl!!! I hope someone can help her!!

  4. Sorry to say, but, I think she is mentally challenged. “Blank Stare”. How many times can you lose the plan?? Something going awry in her thought process. DUH!!! Dr. Now was extremely patient with her. But, with that being said, I, hope she was able to make some progress. Too young to give up.

    1. In so many episodes you see people not caring for their dogs. They don’t deserve them, you never see them walking their dogs, or being fed or caressed! Nobody is compelled to have a dog, but if you have one, take good care…they are dependent upon the human for that.
      I wish them and their dogs all the best! Greeting from the Netherlands

  5. It’s a sad state of affairs. Seana needs mental health help. She literally has this blank stare and she says “I don’t know!” a lot.
    All she seems to want to do is sit and eat. She does blame others for her problems quite a bit though. I hope things go good with her.

  6. Dr now, please admit this young woman since she is committing suicide the way she is eating. She is a danger for herself…that should be a good and legal argument admitting her and forcing her to change her food addiction into a healthy life. Of course iam not sure but I guess when she lost weight and her mobility is improving.she will be motivated 💪 to pick up het life. Its a sad story, she is completely alone. It must be very hard doing this at your own. Come on don’t give up on her.

  7. With two rotten parents, it’s no wonder why this girl is messed up. She’s possibly a little slow but all the more reason her mother should feel ashamed for turning her back on her only kid. Then again, the mother doesn’t seem all that right either. Who the hell gives their morbidly obese child a bunch of crap to eat on the way to see the dr? And I’m with the others here, I feel for that poor little dog!

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