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Is There A New Episode Of ‘Young Rock’ On Tonight?

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Young Rock body-slammed its way to the top of the ratings with its February 16th premiere. The NBC show tells the story of Dwayne “The Rock’ Johnson’s journey to international stardom. Part sitcom and part autobiography, the new series takes a creative license with Johnson’s life story. 

But after three back-to-back episodes, fans looking to watch Young Rock on March 9th were utterly disappointed. It hit like a chair to the face to find the show replaced on the schedule with The Voice.

What happened to Young Rock?

Did Young Rock Get Canceled? 

During his time with the WWE wrestling company, The Rock amassed millions – and millions – of fans. The transition from the ring to adrenaline-filled feature films was seamless. Combine all those fans and you get some top-tiered ratings. 

In fact, Young Rock is a ratings bonanza for the network. But NBC also needed to kickstart the new season of The Voice. So, instead of Young Rock airing on March 9, The Voice was on instead. 

But the People’s Eyebrow will be back on the small screen tonight. 

Are You Ready…for the Famous Fanny Pack?

You’ve likely seen the picture of a young Dwayne Johnson rocking a black turtleneck, jeans and a fanny pack. If you haven’t seen the cringey photo, check it out: 

Credit: The Rock/Instagram
Credit: The Rock/Instagram

The good-natured pro wrestler hilariously often trolls himself for his earlier fashion sense. And tonight, viewers will get to see a recreation of that awkward photo. 

During the premiere, fans were introduced to young Dwayne (Adrian Groulx,) teen Dwayne (Bradley Constant) and college-age Dwayne (Uli Latukefu.) College-age Dwayne took a short hiatus as the younger character set the stage for his outlandish upbringing. 

But in the latest episode, viewers will get to see more of college-age Dwayne. Based on the short teaser shared on Twitter, Dwayne Johnson discovers his trademark-worthy People’s Eyebrow. 

From Football to Wrestling 

Before he was a wrestling star, The Rock was a college football player. The series will explore his transition from aspiring professional football player to a worldwide wrestling phenom. 

Screen Rant reports that fans will get a glimpse into what caused the sudden change in his career path. It’s bound to be an emotional episode with The Rock’s trademark humor sprinkled in.  

Along the way, old-school wrestlers such as “Macho Man” Randy Savage (Kevin Makely,) and Andre the Giant (Matthew Willig) make appearances. The Rock’s family is so close to Andre the Giant that fans wondered if there is a familial connection. 

Young Rock airs Tuesday on NBC. It can also be streamed on Peacock and NBC’s website. 

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