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‘7 Little Johnstons’ Amber Recalls Matchy-Match Mom Days

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7 Little Johnstons mom Amber shared a throwback photo on Monday this week. She recalled those days of many kids all dressing matchy-match. Of course, fans love seeing old photos of the family. Most of the kids grew up now, and in fact, Jonah’s busy looking for his own place to stay. So, TLC fans enjoying seeing pictures of the kids from their younger days.

7 Little Johnstons – Amber’s cute photo reveals matchy-matched kids

When fans watched the last season of the show, almost no trace remained of the sweet little kids in Amber and Trent’s family. Jonah’s 21 now and an adult in his own right. Fans saw Jonah receiving more tough love from his parents as they told him to shape up and find his own place. That came after his girlfriend visited. While the show focused on Trent and Amber’s intimate life, they wouldn’t allow Jonah and Ashely to share a room. As soon she left, he went back to his ways.

We reported that these days, the 7 Little Johnstons kids seem so grown up. Emma and Alex earn an income from their online stores. The older siblings, Anna and Elizabeth also make and sell things. Plus, fans received a bit of a shock as in the last season they saw Alex and Emma go for their driver’s licenses. Who could imagine that just a few years ago? For fans who see only small chunks of their lives, it feels as if they all grew up in flash. So, fans adore seeing throwback photos of the family. Amber’s cute matchy-match photo was well-received.

Girls in white and blue and boys in beige and blue

The photo that the 7 Little Johnstons mom shared on March 15, revealed the boys and girls dressed alike. Amber captioned it with, “Back when matching was moms madness.” Some fans agreed they did the same thing with their kids. Actually, parents matching with their kids in the mini-me fad seems rather more popular these days. But dressing the kids the same started way before that. About four years ago, people who went into town could expect to see a lot of families with the kids all dressed the same.

However, not everyone liked it as much as the 7 Little Johnstons mom. Goodto.com wrote about how some people thought it made it harder for kids to establish their own identities. Nevertheless, most kids start growing out of it as they reach their teenage years and find themselves. And it seems that nobody ever developed mental health issues over it. Matchy-match actually looks rather cute and sweet on the kids in their younger days, TLC fans think.

7 Little Johnstons Amber Recalls Matchy-Match Mom Days
Credit: Team7lj | Instagram

What do you think of the cute throwback photo shared by the 7 Little Johnstons mom? Do you agree they looked very cute in their matching outfits? Sound off in the comments below.

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