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Savannah Chrisley’s Controversial Pixie Cut Gone: See Pictures

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Savannah Chrisley’s controversial short pixie hair cut was all fans could talk about for a while. It was 2019 when she chopped off her gorgeous long locks. A decision we know she later regretted as she admitted to missing her long hair.

Not everyone hated that controversial short hair cut though. Many Chrisley Knows Best fans loved the new Pixie cut that she rocked.

While she said she chose it, actually it came about after a bit of a home-styling disaster. Turns out, her short pixie cut is gone. Check out some photos we’ve acquired of her fresh look.

Savannah Chrisley looked amazing with her Pixie cut, fans thought

We reported in October 2019, that Todd’s daughter mainly received excellent reviews from fans over her Pixie cut. However, even if fans disagreed with her look she didn’t care. Her dad Todd even teased her and said on one of her posts, that he wasn’t sure if he should be more worried about the fact that she “had on a flannel shirt or her short hair.” However, she never let his criticism get to her either. Nevertheless, she admitted later that she preferred longer hair.

By July last year, it seemed that Savannah Chrisley went off her pixie cut a bit. Since being shorn short the Chrisley Knows Best star slowly changed the way her style looked and grew it out a bit. But she went for a trim and it seems rather too much came off for her liking.

Savannah Chrisley Admits That She Would Like Long Hair Again

Fans still raved about the shorter style on her, but she admitted she wanted long hair again.

She claimed that the Pixie cut appealed at first, but she seems to grow tired of the same old thing after a time So, did she finally grow it out, and is it much longer?

The latest photos reveal a slightly longer style

On March 12, Savannah Chrisley shared a picture that made fans notice her “beautiful” appearance. She captioned it with, “ALERT: ditching the “signature Savannah pose” for a smile today. 🤣🤨 #dontgetusedtoit #staysassy.”

As Savannah looks stunning a usual, USA Network fans put up plenty of fire and heart emojis. But, of interest, is the fact that she didn’t really grow her hair out all that much. It’s no longer a Pixie cut. In fact, it still looks quite short. However, she lost that hard Ellen DeGeneres look and it makes her face look softer. She looks in a very good place with her sweet smile and shiny white-blonde hair framing her face. But, it seems she could use some tanning.

Pale and needing some sun

A week ago, The Blast reported that Savannah Chrisley is “seemingly, in need of a tan.” In fact, she described herself as “so white. Basically Casper’s sister.” And she plans a self-tan “pronto.” Her hair looks so white now, that a nice tan would probably offset that very nicely.

Savannah Chrisley Hair
Credit: Savannah Chrisley 2019 & 2021 | Instagram

What do you think of the way Savannah styled her hair after the Pixie cut? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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