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Friday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Chase Faces Huge Shockers

General Hospital

During Friday’s episode of General Hospital, spoilers suggest that Detective Harrison Chase may face a double whammy of upsetting news. It seems that he’s about to learn that his biological father may not be the man he’s called his father all of his life. In addition, it seems that the love of his life, Willow Tait, might be having second thoughts about a future together.

‘General Hospital’ Fans Have Been Waiting For This

For months now, General Hospital fans suspected that it would turn out that Dr. Hamilton Finn, not Gregory Chase, was Chase’s biological father. It’s taken a long time to play out though. Now, the storyline is reaching a climax and the March 12 show should bring some juicy developments.

During Thursday’s show, Chase saw an alert on Finn’s phone about the DNA results. He also saw that his mother, Jackie Templeton, had tried calling Finn about a dozen times. He demanded that he be told what this was all about. Now, the sneak peek shared via Twitter suggests that he’s about to hear it all.

Chase Doesn’t See This One Coming

The General Hospital preview shows that Finn will tell someone he hopes that person can forgive them once the dust settles. Jackie stands next to Finn as he says this, and it certainly seems likely it’s Chase they’re talking to here.

How will Chase react to what he’s seemingly about to learn? He’s never had reason prior to this to suspect that his biological father might actually be the man he’s always called his brother. Both Chase and Gregory will surely feel deeply betrayed by all of this. Fans would imagine it’ll be nearly impossible for them to forgive both Finn and Jackie.

Willow Plans An Apology

According to SheKnows Soaps, Willow will decide she needs to apologize to someone. In the General Hospital sneak peek, Willow sits next to Michael on the couch. She gets emotional as she tells her now ex-husband that she needs to find the right words to tell “him,” referencing someone else.

Since Michael’s clearly not the “him” referenced here, it seems that it might be Chase. If that’s the case, that’s probably a signal that Chase is facing more heartbreak.

Will Willow decide that she’s still got feelings for Michael? Could that prevent her from fully reuniting with Chase?

There’s a lot of drama connected to other storylines coming during Friday’s episode as well. General Hospital spoilers suggest that it’ll have less with Elizabeth and Cameron than viewers had other days this week. In exchange, fans will see a confrontation between Anna and Peter, something related to Nina, and “Mike” taking risks over in Pennsylvania.

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