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‘MAFS’ Woody and Amani Take A Leap Of Faith

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Is there anything Woody and Amani will not do?! The adventurous MAFS alums spiced up their outing with some close friends. No botanical garden this time. Woody, Amani, and friends gathered together to go through some obstacle courses at Texas Treeventures! Texas TreeVentures has a reputation for challenging aerial adventure courses. And Amani and Woody are all smiles after testing their physical challenges in thrill-based elements.

MAFS Amani Continues To Trust Her “Life Harness”

Amani, looking stunning in her Ivy Park outfit, poses with Woody after getting out of their comfort zones. In her Instagram caption, she raves about her awesome time.”This was a fun experience; being able to tackle obstacles ALONE but while your friends cheered you on and attempted the same journey was epic. We watched and cheered (and laughed) as everyone took their turn at being scared of falling (despite having a harness). It made me think about how protected we are in life but we still get scared when we approach different obstacles.”

The MAFS alums are all smiles in their group photo with their friends. And she dares for someone to come for her in comments.  Leaving a disclaimer in her caption, “P.S our masks are in our hands during these pics, so don’t ask me.” She shuts them down before they can even try.

Amani has a wise lesson from her experience, “I’m learning to continue trusting that my life harness is secure and just taking that leap. You’ll never know what you’re supposed to accomplish if you don’t get out there and do it.” Does it seem she’s saying that Woody is her life harness? Fans in the comments think so! They took a leap with their marriage and have been #baegoals ever since. Shout out to the “special troll” who brought Amani and Woody out of their comfort zones and into “big heights” during Black History Month.


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Amani Is On TikTok

Public service announcement: Amani is giving out hair care tips on the popular social media app TikTok. And she is really starting to get the hang of it! But before getting excited, make sure you clean your hairbrushes and combs. She tells her followers she does not play when it comes to dirty hair utensils on wash day.

“I’m not giving out any more hair care tips until I’m certain y’all not living the trife life.” In her most recent video, she shows her 460 followers how to clean their hairbrushes and combs. Her advice targets anyone who wants to keep their natural hair healthy.

Make sure you follow her on TikTok for all your hair care ideas and needs @amanialiyya14

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