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Olivia Plath Celebrates International Women’s Day With A ‘Raw’ Selfie

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Olivia Plath is one of many women celebrating International Women’s Day on March 8. The professional photographer took to her Instagram to share an unflinching post about her journey as a woman. 

She gets candidly honest about how her life is different from the expectations for girls growing up in her small hometown. 

Olivia Plath Encourages Fans Not to ‘Settle’ 

Olivia Plath is one of the most divisive reality stars on TLC. Welcome to Plathville fans either love her or think she’s torn the Plath family apart. As viewers saw on the show, Kim Plath didn’t take too kindly to her son Ethan marrying Olivia. In fact, by Season 2, the couple no longer spoke to Ethan’s parents. 

Some fans doubt how real Welcome to Plathville is. 

However, As Ethan comes from a super large family where education is not a priority, Olivia Plath sticks out like a sore thumb. Intelligent and vocal, she charts her own course as a professional photographer. 

On March 8, she shared a long message on her Instagram in support of women. Like Ethan, Olivia was raised in an ultra-religious family. Similar to her husband, Olivia grew up on a farm with multiple siblings. However, she left that life behind long before she met Ethan Plath. 

But she knows what her life would have been like if she stayed. While encouraging her followers not to “settle,” Olivia gave a glimpse into what her life would have been like. She wrote, “In the world where I was raised, most girls my age would already have a couple of kids and be stay-at-home moms.”

She wasn’t slamming that lifestyle at all. However, she has dreams to fulfill before the couple has kids. She wants to “run a business and experience life to the fullest.” That includes “challenging myself every single day with deep conversations [and] diverse cultures.”

Despite her lofty goals, Olivia Plath is just as self-conscious about her appearance as many other women. 

See No-Filter Photo of the TLC Star

As a photographer, Olivia Plath knows all about filters, photoshop and how to make people’s flaws disappear in photos. But for International Women’s Day, she wanted to show her fans her true self. 

She shared a filter-and-photoshop-free photo. Her newly red hair makes her blue eyes pop. She jokes in the caption that if her followers “zoom in,” they could see her blemishes. 

Olivia Plath/Instagram
Olivia Plath/Instagram

One fan accused Olivia Plath of using a filter in the photo, but she responded with a denial. 

TLC has yet to officially announce if Welcome to Plathville will return for another season. However, Moriah Plath’s boyfriend dropped a huge hint that Season 3 is happening. 

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