‘Married At First Sight’: How Much Does Star Virginia Coombs Make A Year?

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Married at First Sight‘s favorite party girl, Virginia Coombs has made a nice living for herself. Virginia who was single for five years before deciding to go through the MAFS process loves having a good time. Her drinking may become a problem for her husband, Erik, who is not down with her carefree personality at times. To be honest, lots of fans are questioning if the 26-year-old is actually ready for marriage. But so far all is good in paradise. Erik seems to be willing to work with her. And luckily for Virginia, she works in a field where she can afford her party-girl lifestyle. A deeper look into her career shows how she does it.

Credit: Youtube
Credit: Youtube

Virginia Coombs’ Net Worth And How She Makes Her Money

Virginia has made a career for herself as a customer experience specialist. Prior to that, she worked at a marketing agency. Virginia attended the University of Tennessee where she studied recreation and sports management. During her time in college, Virginia joined a sorority. According to Stars Offline, Virginia earns a salary of about $27,000 a year.

Virginia and Erik also make about $1,500 per episode of Married at First Sight. Her net worth continues to increase for every episode she participates in. Combined with Erik Lake’s $187,000 per year, this puts her at a net worth of $200,000. Money may not buy happiness, but it is definitely going to buy this couple a very nice lifestyle.

Will Virginia and Erik Make It Past Decision Day?

As of now, fans worry that Virginia’s drinking is going to cause Erik to bounce. While the couple’s connection grew during their honeymoon in Vegas. There is still some tension now that the couple has returned to Atlanta to live together.

In the most recent episode of MAFS, Virginia was out of town for a friend’s wedding, leaving Erik to wonder if she is getting bored with him. Erik meets with a friend who listens as he explains Virginia’s love for partying. He worries about her “staying in touch” when she is out of town.

Later on, Erik and Virginia have a celebration with her guy friends. Virginia has told Erik previously that sometimes she likes to “pass out on her guy friend’s couch.” Erik expressed that that is something that can no longer happen now that they are married. So bringing her guy friends together to meet her husband was Virginia’s way of easing Erik’s mind about who they are. During the gathering, one of Virginia’s buddies tells Erik it’s best to “not try and control her.”

Can Erik get Virginia under control? Or is Virginia stuck in her single ways? Hopefully, Virginia decides to get serious about this marriage before Erik starts having second thoughts. Catch Married at First Sight on Lifetime every Wednesday at 8 p.m EST

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