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‘Shameless’: Wait, Who Has Custody Of Liam Gallagher?

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Fiona moving away and leaving Liam Gallagher behind has fans scratching their heads when it comes to custody.

Shameless is finally coming to an end and the Gallagher family toys with the possibility of selling their family home. Debbie seems adamantly against it. But, Lip desperately needs the money for his family. No one is really sure what Carl thinks. And, Ian? Well, he seems to follow Lip like a lost puppy. That being said, Ian and Mickey really do want their own place to live.

That, however, isn’t everyone. What about Liam? What does Liam think about selling the family home? Moreover, where exactly will Liam go if they sell the home? He’s still a child… So, he kind of has to live with someone. Unfortunately, it seems like this is something his family forgets from time to time.

This article contains spoilers from Shameless Season 11, Episode 7.

Who the heck has custody of Liam Gallagher?

At the moment, fans assume Fiona Gallagher still has custody of her brother Liam. This is why many fans wonder if it was a mistake for Fiona to move away from her family without taking Liam. Wasn’t she still legally responsible for him? Some fans assume the responsibility was passed off to Lip being the next oldest. Or, perhaps, Debbie. After all, Debbie already has her own child. And, Fiona did trust her enough to leave the money with her.

Fans are relatively sure Fiona didn’t give parental rights back to Frank. After all, most agree Liam would be better off by himself than Frank being in charge of his well-being.

‘Shameless’ Time Jump? See Liam Gallagher All Grown Up

Still, the final season of the series doesn’t really do a good job of answering who the heck has custody of Liam. And, the family seems to constantly be forgetting about Liam or the fact that he’s still a child. But, there is no denying everyone in this family was forced to grow up quickly. And, Liam is proving to be no exception to this.

Veronica says his race is part of the problem

Liam spends the day with Veronica hoping that she and Kevin will take him in. Veronica seizes the opportunity to teach him a few things about being a young black boy. But, she tells him his race is part of the problem. He’s a young black boy in a house of white family members. And, he needs to speak up about what he does and doesn’t want. Otherwise, they tend to just forget he is there.


Shameless Showtime
(L-R): Christian Isaiah as Liam Gallagher and Cameron Monaghan as Ian Gallagher in SHAMELESS, “Cancelled”. Photo Credit: Paul Sarkis/SHOWTIME.

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