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Ryan Sutter Finds It Difficult To Rest While Recovering

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Ryan Sutter has been dealing with a mysterious illness for a while now that leaves him exhausted. Recently both he and Trista Sutter have been talking about it. The Bachelor nation couple revealed all they know at this point is what it isn’t. This gives them more anxiety than knowing what the problem is. Ryan seems to be on the mend, but the former reality star appears to be taking on more than he needs to while recovering.

He has been open with his fans sharing a recent picture of himself sitting on the couch. Captioning it, Sutter said, “some days you just write off. Whether as an expense for historic abuse or investment in future adventure, there are days we just need a break.

Ryan Sutter Shared He Needs More Breaks Lately

Ryan Sutter said he is finding he needs to take more breaks than usual while dealing with his illness. He said the day he posted he was supposed to be up a 3:30 am for work but awoke at 10:00. He said he kept his PJs on and watched a Warren Millerent documentary at 12:30. Sutter said he struggled with doing nothing, but he needs to get better. On his Instagram, he said, “We all do. And I guess that’s ok.” He hashtagged it #tomorrowisanewday.

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Fans have been wishing him well and sharing what they think his illness might be. They’ve shared their symptoms and are just trying to help which he appreciates. In his latest post to Instagram, he shared his dog. He said, “spent the day with the dog… She’s not a therapy dog but she sure makes me feel better!” One fan said, “I get the hard to stay still. The most difficult part of healing for me.” Sutter shared a picture of himself in the gym sharing he worked to get better every day.

He Is Learning How To Ask For Help

According to People, Ryan Sutter is learning how to ask for help when he needs it. Sutter said, “as difficult as it may be, soliciting the help of others is a critical step in moving forward rough difficult times.” In an earlier post, he told followers not to worry about him. He told them he had an amazing wife and a great support system. The symptoms he is experiencing include paralyzing tiredness, muscle aches, itching skin, nausea, swelling of his neck and throat, and several more that make it hard to function sometimes.

Trista has shared her fears for her husband with her followers as well. Not knowing what’s wrong is the most upsetting part for her. How do you feel about Ryan sharing his struggle? Have you followed the couple from the beginning? Comment with your thoughts below.

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