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Whitney Way Thore Stresses The Importance Of Caregivers

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Whitney Way Thore of My Big Fat Fabulous Life posted on her Instagram about being an ambassador for No Barriers USA. She posted on Instagram about the organization saying over the years her respect for it has grown. Whitney reminded fans they saw her attend the first summit on Season 6.

She said she wanted to recognize the fifty-three million caregivers in the country who do, “such valuable work.” Whitney said it was National Caregivers Appreciation Day. She shared a picture of herself in black and white holding a medal that says live a no barriers life.

Whitney Way Thore Shared How Others Can Help

According to the link in Whitney Way Thore’s bio, the No Barriers USA Org does in-person and virtual events to help teach self-care. They offer self-care kits made for caregivers by caregivers.

Whitney Way Thore said anyone could join a challenge called #53for53 and raise awareness. You just have to do fifty-three jumping jacks or donating fifty-three dollars. Anything having to do with the number will work. Whitney is in a giving mood this month. Right before this post she posted talking about mental health. Her fans asked questions about the medication she takes and what kind of issues she is dealing with.

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The Reality Star Has A Lot Of Support

Whitney Way Thore revealed she moved back to Greenville. She’s surrounded by her friends and support system now and is in a better place. Where she was living before she’d mentioned being alone and feeling even more isolated.  She also shared her mother encouraged her to get help because she suffered from depression as well. Whitney said it’s important to talk about things with someone you trust. She revealed she has a therapist she sees regularly.

Buddy Bell posted a video a few weeks ago about Whitney. He said she is a really supportive friend and the argument lasted maybe a minute. Buddy said they had a moment where Whitney told him to snap out of it. He said he acknowledged depression could have caused him to take it the wrong way. Buddy wanted people to get over it and stop coming after her because it wasn’t a big deal. Whitney recently answered questions about mental health and some of the things she’d dealt with.

While he said usually he didn’t post about the show, he felt the need to say something. He reminded people when they are seeing something on the show, they’ve been over it for months. He doesn’t want people coming for Whitney, because they are fine. Whitney posted his video on her account as well. What do you think about Whitney and Buddy being able to bounce back so quickly from an argument? Share your thoughts below.

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