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Nanny Faye Fans Wish They Could Travel With Her

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Nanny Faye fans saw that Todd’s mom ticked off her bucket list and traveled to New Orleans. That came in a recent episode of Chrisley Knows Best on USA Network. Now, the show’s Instagram page revealed another photo of Savannah’s grandma traveling. And plenty of fans just wish they could also travel with everyone’s funniest grandma. From what fans see on the show, the older Chrisley certainly breaks the norm of a lot of grandmothers.

Nanny Faye travels with Chase and Savannah, fans wish they could as well

We reported that when Todd’s mom visited New Orleans, she dressed up as bright as a parrot. Plus, she wore her glittery mask. While Julie and Todd Chrisley laughed at her, she said that in “New Orleans” a person can “be whoever they want to be.” And she chose to go along as “Miss Patsy.” Chrisley Knows Best fans just loved the funny persona that Nanny adopted. Certainly, she seems like a very funny and amusing travel companion.

On Thursday, March 4, a post by the USA Network revealed that Nanny Faye, Chase, and Savannah stopped at a canyon for some photos. Some fans thought it might be a throwback photo to when she traveled with Todd’s kids on Growing Up Chrisley. The caption said, “The majesty that this photo holds is unmatched. Oh yeah, and the canyon is pretty cool too.” And the photo came with credit to Nanny. In the comments, fans started saying how much they wish they could travel with her.

Todd’s mom never seems boring

One fan said about Nanny Faye, “I need a girls trip with Nannie Fay and Frances!!! 🔥❤️🔥❤️🔥❤️🔥.” And another fan piped up with, “I love @nannyfayechrisley I really want to hang out with her..❤️❤️” One fan also said that her own  grandma seems rather like Savannah’s only more out there, and way less “boring.”  Well, fans of Chrisley Knows Best know that “boring” really doesn’t fit this fiery grandmother. Always into something new, her cracking wit gets fans rolling with laughter.

With so many people commenting about hoping for travel with Nanny Faye, she might take note. After all, she always looks for something different and new adventures. Can you already imagine her telling Todd that she starts her own travel tours? Certainly, it seems that she’s always up for almost anything. But usually, Todd shoots her down in flames. Or tries to anyway. Quite often she engages the help of Chase when she breaks the rules.

Nanny Faye Fans Wish They Could Travel With Her
Credit: Nanny Faye via Chrisley Knows Best | Instagram

Actually, a Nanny Faye trip would really be a big winner by the sound of things. But notably, Todd would probably disallow it. After all, she seems very precious to her family. So for now, fans must make do with seeing her travel on the TV show.

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