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’90 Day Fiance’ Natalie Acted In Low-Budget Movies

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90 Day Fiance fans sometimes accuse Natalie of just hooking up with Mike for five minutes of fame. Or for his money and lifestyle. Hardly any of them believe she actually loves him. And now some clips of her acting in low-budget movies emerged, TLC fans seem convinced she just played a part for the show. That even extends to the belief that she only married Mike for social media clout.

90 Day Fiance fans suspect Natalie for a lot of reasons

We reported that Natalie and Mike became married in April last year. But even then, fans reacted with skepticism. They even suggested that Natalie returned to Ukraine. And they suggested the wedding probably came just for more social media clout. And really you can’t blame them. After all, Natalie showed no sign of loving Mike Youngquist. And he seemed rather cool towards her as well. When they went for therapy, he even said that he no longer felt like he loved her.

90 Day Fiance fans also believe that Mike’s as fake as Natalie. Screenrant reported that in one scene where they fought, an instantaneous change of footwear seemed suspicious It came when they drove around in the car and she sulked about not seeing a waterfall. The outlet noted, “Natalie gets out of Mike’s truck, she’s wearing mid-calf boots, but as she comes to a halt a little ahead, the boots have been replaced with what appears to be ankle length UGGs instead.” Of course, fans immediately thought that Mike and Natalie are all just a fake couple put together by TLC.

Low-budget movie actress

Now the fact that Natalie previously acted in low-budget movies only reinforces the belief that she’s fake. 90 Day Fiance fans reacted when @187annonymousgossip shared a clip of her acting. They captioned the clip with, “Here’s a few of some of Natalies acting clips, one where she kills a tree. 🌳 🔫apparently she did a few low budget films before she was on the show. Does this make her so called love for Mike fake?”

In the comments of the post, 90 Day Fiance fans mostly agreed that they both seem just like they act. One of them wrote, “Behavior seems pretty much the same as it is w Mike. Acting all acting.” And another fan noted, “Judging from these clips she seems like a legit actress. 👏🏽 Kinda makes me think that she’s trolling us with the ditzy space brain act in her YouTube cooking videos 😂.”

90 Day Fiance Natalie Actress
Credit: 187anonymousgossipp | Instagram

One unhappy 90 Day Fiance fan commented about TLC these days. They wrote, “wannabe actors and fame seekers like Darcey… I [watched] the original show since season 1 …and I miss the real life couples. The show started as a documentary and…turned into this fake scripted program.”

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