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Myrka Cantu Of ‘Unexpected’ Experiences Instant Regret

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Myrka Cantu looks very attractive, fans of TLC’s Unexpected think. But she did something that might have brought instant regret. While she seems very mature, the teen mom is still young. In fact, she only turned 17 last month. And she messed about on TikTok the same as any teenager would. Setting aside baby worries, she made a really funny face. Want to know why? Carry on reading.

Myrka Cantu, Unexpected star messes around on TikTok – instant regret follows

We reported that Myrka moved from pillar to post after her mom threw her out of the house. Moving in with her boyfriend Aden’s family, they ran into problems there. But these days, the couple lives with her dad. In a Q&A she said they get along a lot better these days. But she still clashes with her mom, Liliana. She said that she loves her mom deeply, but they definitely cross swords a lot. And fans think it’s a pity because Liliana might not get to enjoy her grandchild much.

Myrka Cantu also lives with the knowledge that the entire TLC franchise now knows her mom was arrested in 2013. Starcasm broke the news that the Unexpected mom ended up arrested for alleged bribery and other crimes as a county clerk. Finally, only one charge stuck and she pleaded guilty. That resulted in her serving probation. Obviously, that sort of news probably embarrassed Myrka. But she still found the time to play around on TikTok, even if she instantly regretted it.

Fans wonder why the Unexpected star cut her own hair

Myrka Cantu built up a following on TikTok, and the @tlcunexpeted account grabbed one of her videos and shared it on Instagram. It revealed her cutting her own bangs. And fans know that’s a recipe for disaster. Especially as so many of them think she always looks so immaculate. But actually, it’s exactly the sort of thing a 17-year-old teen might do. Brushing her bangs down over her forehead, she twisted it all and then cut. During her snipping, she made the funniest expression with her eyes.

However, Myrka Cantu more than likely regretted it as her hair looked very uneven afterward. In the comments section of the post, one fan wondered why on earth she cut it herself. After all, it’s safer to consult with a professional hairdresser. And another fan pointed out that even if she couldn’t afford one, she really needed one afterward.

Myrka Cantu Unexpected Instant Regret
Credit: Myrka Cantu – TikTok via @tlcunexpected | Instagram

Nevertheless, despite being a mom, and jousting with her own mom, Myrka Cantu remains a teenager. In a way, it’s rather nice to see her messing about on TikTok like other teens, despite her instant regret. Do you agree? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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