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Chase Chrisley Teasingly Insults His Sister Savannah

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Chase Chrisley picked up some criticism from Savannah about gifts and now he got his revenge by playfully insulting her. The Chrisley Knows Best star jested with his sister in a clip that she shared on Instagram on Thursday, March 4. But he probably meant no harm in it. The two kids of Todd seem famous for their sometimes love-frustrate relationship.

Chase Chrisley take his revenge on his sister Savannah

Fans of Chrisley Knows Best know that there’s not much of an age difference between Chase and Savannah and sometimes they tease each other. But in a recent episode, Savannah became quite critical of him. Acting a bit older and wiser than him, she chided him on his gift-giving. And their dad Todd joined in. Savannah said that he’s only thoughtful when it’s convenient for him. And, she and Todd agreed he could have made more of an effort with Chloe’s gift. He gave her a cheque.

Chase Chrisley defended himself, saying that he wouldn’t say “no” if someone gave him money. Well, he also took some heat as he got the day of his mom’s birthday wrong and entirely forgot about Mother’s Day. Well, it seems that if Savannah thinks she’s so much more responsible than him, then he’d treat her like the little old fussy lady he probably thinks she is. So, when she tried being friendly and called him her “little brother,” he teasingly insulted her.

Insult, but a teasing one

While the kids might bicker a bit, they actually get along quite well. On Thursday, Savannah shared a clip of her sitting next to her brother, Chase Chrisley. Of course, she looked immaculate and flawless as usual. And she looked about three years younger than she really is. In her caption, the Chrisley Knows Best star wrote, “This is actually us getting along…🤣 also..I think it’s time to embrace those double chins!! Sassy is LIVINGGG over here! Lol”

In the clip, her brother looked at her a bit funny as she patted him on the back. She said, “Hey little brother.” Then again, she said, “Hey little brother.” Chase Chrisley insulted her, saying, “just because you look 45, doesn’t mean you are.” As you can imagine, Savannah looked a bit shocked. But fans thought they looked totally “stinking cute” as they teased each other. Meanwhile, others thought they both look young and attractive.

Fans laugh at Savannah and her brother

In the comments, fans laughed at the way Chase Chrisley insulted his sister. And, they all realized they really like each other. So, he wasn’t being horrid to her. Lots of them said that the two kids really made them laugh. One of them wrote, “Omg I love ❤️ you too, best siblings ever!”

Chase Chrisley Teasingly Insults His Sister Savannah
Credit: Savannah Chrisley | Instagram

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