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‘Yellowstone’ Fans Are Questioning The Role Of Law Enforcement

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What is not to love about Yellowstone? The popular series seems to have every angle thrown at fans at once. From rugged cowboys to heart-pumping shootouts, there is not much left to ask for in the series. Taylor Sheridan, the creator of Yellowstone, is a master of his craft. He has taken a simple story about cattle ranching and put it into hyperdrive.

The modern-western drama is classified, by Sheridan, as a tragedy. Yellowstone follows the Dutton family as they secure their claim to the largest contiguous cattle ranch in the United States. Founded over 100 years ago, the Yellowstone ranch is constantly under attack. Ruthless hedge funds, as well as out-of-state developers, will stop at nothing to take a piece of the multigenerational ranch. Fans have watched John Dutton, patriarch of the family, defend his land for three seasons now. However, there has always been one looming question. Who is on his side?

Yellowstone Loyalty

Yellowstone has seen many alliances form over the last three seasons. Whether those alliances be those working against the ranch or those within the ranch, they are always present. However, they have not always stayed the same. Season 1 of Yellowstone introduced the Dutton family and the characters involved in the ranch. Fans watched as John Dutton dealt with the theft of his cattle as well as a dispute over his land. Fans are introduced to the antagonist of Season 1 when they meet Thomas Rainwater. Rainwater is the leader of the Broken Rock Indian Reservation which borders the Yellowstone ranch. Loyalties are made between several characters involved in this dispute. However, one fan is questioning the loyalty of the police.

Where Does Law Enforcement Fit In?

A user on Reddit recently expressed confusion over what role the police in Yellowstone actually have in the series. The user states,

“I’ve just watched the pilot and am trying to understand what I watched. Usually im pretty switched on but I’m really struggling here…

When the Dutton Team go in the night to get their cattle back they’re escorted by police. Firstly, why are the police doing that?

Secondly, when it’s night and they’re executing their plan the Police are then against them? I’m very confused on what their role here is.

I understand covertly getting the cattle back of the Reservation land, but what role are the Police playing here?”

Another user attempted to clear up the user’s confusion saying,

“If I’m understanding you correctly,

The livestock agents are the ones helping John Dutton and you will find out why later on in the series. Don’t want any spoilers.

The police that are going against him are the tribal police who have jurisdiction over the reservation. Since the cattle are on the rez, they are involved and are looking out for tribal folks. Which will so be revealed later on in the series.”

Season 4

Although this may just be confusion on the part of the user, it does pose an interesting question. Where do the loyalties lie with the police? They certainly appear to be on John Dutton’s payroll at the start of the series. However, we begin to see a change after John’s cattle are poisoned later on in the series. Are their loyalties changing? Will this be a problem for the ranch if they do? It will be interesting to see how the police react to the organized attack on the Dutton family when Season 4 finally arrives. Until then, be sure to check back with TV Shows Ace for more news and updates.


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