‘Sister Wives’ Fans Want Meri Brown To Write A Book

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Sister Wives fans see a lot of very long posts by Meri Brown and they feel inspired, so they want her to write a book. Actually, the idea of a book by Meri arose in April last year. That came in a cryptic message that the TLC star shared with her fans. Obviously, those who wish Meri would leave Kody hope for a book about how she broke away from him. But for now, it seems that she’s determined to remain with the polygamous family.

Sister Wives fans suggested a book by Meri Brown last year

We reported that Meri dropped a massive hint that she considered writing a book. In April last year, she took to Instagram and shared a quote by Nikki Banas, which talks about people writing their own story in life. Plus, she also quoted Morgan Harper Nichols, who talked about how people should “write the story of the mountain [they] climbed.”

Well, it seems like Meri Brown constantly climbs mountains while she wrestles with herself and Kody. Sister Wives fans saw that go on for years. In the current season of the TLC show, the sad story continues. And, no amount of urging seems to make the slightest difference. Meri keeps fans interested with cryptic quotes about how she copes with her unhappy life. But then resolutely sticks around. Nevertheless, she celebrates successes with LuLaRoe and runs her own BNB, so even those achievements might make for a good book.

Captivated fans hope for something in writing

The Brown family already wrote their own book called Becoming Sister Wives: The Story of an Unconventional Marriage. A bestseller, probably a publisher would snap up a book by the Sister Wives star. If you haven’t read it yet, Simon & Schuster described it as a book that looks into the efforts by the polygamous family to all get along and provide a happy family environment.  Well, as fans know these days, the TLC show brings rather a lot of toxicity. A follow-up by Meri might find many interested readers.

After a long post that Meri Brown shared on Tuesday, March 2, fans told her they felt “inspired.” The post on Instagram talked about positivity and retaining her “drive and determination.” The Sister Wives star doesn’t claim all the answers, but she explained how she works things out. She said, “It’s ok to create the best world for yourself, whatever that looks like for you. It’s ok for you to feel. It’s ok to be you.”

Sister Wives Fans Hope Meri Brown Writes A Book
Credit: Meri Brown | Instagram

In the comments section, more than one fan talked about the inspiring things that Meri writes. One fan said, “You should write a book, your words are so captivating.” And, their Sister Wives fans “seconded” that.

If you saw that Meri Brown came out with a book, would you buy it? Sound off in the comments below.

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